Tuesday, June 1, 2010


There will be limited updates until my book: Daily Reflections of the Ambitious is properly edited and finished. The book will be the released in stores on September 1st.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Having your guard up

Today is about having your guard up.

I remember while on dance team in high school. I begin wrestling with another member of the team after practice.

We were the same height but she outweighed me by 20 pounds.

We were horsing around in the gym and it was all fun until she body slammed on the gym floor.

I chipped my tailbone and couldn’t walk properly for a two weeks and had to sit out 1 game.

I was definitely angry and completely caught off guard.

Life is happens like that. A lot times when disappointment occurs we are not angry and frustrated because of the situations but rather because we didn’t see it coming.

Having your Guard up is essential. When dealing with life’s journey there are unexpected situations that we are not always prepared for.

There are situations in life that you cannot prepare for but you have to experience.

Having your Guard up is staying focused on God and keeping an active prayer life. Your prayer life is your direct contact with God.

If you continue to talk to Him he would provide you with insight and wisdom. So when you caught off guard you can weather the storms of life.

So on this cloudy Tuesday, keep your guard up. Stay focused on God and trust that he will take care of the rest.

O Lord, Thank you for this day. Help to me to stay focus on you and your Will. Allow me to continue and improve on prayer life which is essential to daily living. Amen

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Unique Blessing

Today is about unique blessing

When I was in high school, I went thru a major pageant stage. I did okay in them but considering I am only 5”0 feet tall; I was not going to go really far.

But it did teach me poise and discipline :)

But around that time I really wished I was taller. I didn’t want to be greedy; I just wanted about 5”4 so I could be 5”8 in heels.

What gave me more of a complex was that I had a pageant girlfriend that grew like 3 inches over one summer that was my height at first :) So I prayed all the time to grow taller.

But God blesses you in uniquely for a reason. Who knows if I was taller; I wouldn’t look the same.

We all want to be blessed. We want blessings like friends and family. We want to be blessed with new job, business, spouse, children . etc.

God will bless you however not in the same way as friends and family. He wants us all to feel special.

There is a process of blessings. The blessing process is different for everyone and depends on your relationship with God.

But two core items are the same in the process and essential receive your blessing: Faith and Prayer.

Prayer is the medium that is used to ask for blessing and Faith is the belief that will occur.

So today on this Sunny but kinda chilly Monday, Believe that God will provide you with blessings in a unique way. That way you will know the blessing is only for you.

O Lord thank you for this day. Lord send me a unique blessing. Help me to have enough Faith to believe and receive it. Amen

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Be an Motivator

Today is about the Motivators

Growing up in church, I had figure out what my role would be in church.

So at the age of 5, I joined to children choir. I was always ambitious then so I was requested to do a solo.

I was given my debut on “This little light of Mine” It became clear everyone including my parents that I could not sing at all. That solo was my last.

My dad quietly pushed me toward ushering. Which at the time seem very dull. Oh how my church friends teased me about being a usher.

It wasn’t until I got older that I understood the power of being an usher.

Ushering at church is one of the most important ministries you can become a member of. This can literally make or break a person’s religious experience.

A smile from a Usher can leave you feeling open to hearing God and aligning yourself with his Will.

A frown from a “mean usher” cause a discord between you and the God. It can even help you leave service early or even never attend that church again.

So while my friends laugh and teased; I am proud of my ushering history and I truly enjoy it.

Regardless of what day I am having; I always put my personal feelings aside to ensure that worshipers are greeted with the Spirit of the Lord.

I would not be the person I am today if my dad hadn’t notice that I couldn’t sing but I was very sociable which could be channeled into being usher.

My dad has been my motivator which has been a good and bad thing. While he always supportive; he will always call me out when I am not going to next level.

He knew all my little tricks and knows when I am BSing him. We talk about everything including relationships.

He will tell me when I am being extra and when I need to be understanding. He is definitely my biggest supporter with celibacy.

When going gets tough with life; he politely informs me that I am not spending enough time studying the Bible. He gives me some scriptures and gets off the phone. LOL :)

There has been many times he has made me sooo mad when he brought things to my attention but ultimately at the end he was always right.

I have never lied to him ( I will avoid him to keep from lying) and always tell him what is really going on. My Dad is my motivator.

There are people in your life right now that are your motivator. It can be anyone. They are constantly supportive but constantly pushing you to next level whether you like or not.

They will call you on your behavior because they have the gift of Prophecy and can tell where you are going.

These are people whom you respect but at times you can almost not like them because they will not allow you settle or stop moving forward.

Embrace this angels. They only want you to live the best possible life. They are enforcer on God’s Will.

Sometimes God has already spoken a word into our spirit but due to lifestyle changes that will be needed; we kinda drag our feet.The motivator put a little fire underneath your butt to get you moving.

God can have you do something mundane at time which can be frustrating. But fear not: this is all part of God’s plan.

Sometime that boring job, task or trying relationship has the potential to something instrumental in your life. But you cannot see it. Only God can. Your motivator can sense it

So on this Sunny Sunday: Thank God for your motivators and become a motivator force for someone else. Help someone move along the path to greatness. Speak God’s power into someone’s else. They need it.

O Lord, Thank you for my motivators. They are general manifestation of your Will. Help me to open in my spirit to hear them and move according to your Will. Allow me to be strong enough to also become an motivator in someone else’s life.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Going to Battle

Today is about going to battle.

While I love being inspirational and motivating, there are times, I have to keep it 100%. This is an time in my life where I am going up for battle.

My book has become that process for me. It book will be an collection of some of best tweets along with motivational thoughts for the Contemporary Christians.

This has been amazing opportunity however, Evil has been quite busy during this time.

Every time something irritating, frustrating, stressful or disappointment, it inhibits my ability to write. This writing is from my soul. This isn’t like putting an proposal together.

When you are attempt to get a closer relationship with God, Evil will give crushing body slam to slow your progress.

You can cry, moan and sing negro spirituals *Walk with me Lord. . . Walk with me “ Or you get up and go to battle.

You must fight Evil to get the next level that God is aligned for you. Evil unusually at the important time in your life to distract you. At brink of your breakthrough. . just before dawn.
God has a calling for all of us if you allow him lead you.

Do not miss out on extraordinary life you were supposed to lead out of frustration and anger.

Pray for his mercy and get to work. You know how this story ends. . you win regardless of the circumstances right now.

You did not come this far and gone through Hades to get to where you are now.

You MUST NOT faint. You MUST NOT falter. You MUST NOT stop.

Failure is not a option. Turning back is not possible. You must move forward.

The worst thing that Evil can do is attempt to confuse you mentally. Then you will be unable to focus and will increase your anxiety.

Allow the serenity to wash over you like soothing stream. Show your toughness and fight for your blessing. Do not allow anyone or anything make you feel unworthy of God’s Blessing.

O Lord, Thank you for this day. Please forgive me for knowing and unknowing sins. Help me to be strengthen by listening, hearing and living your Word. Grant me mercy and grace to live the extraordinary life that you ordained.

There is nothing that I cant do without your help.

Continue to fight the good fight. Be that Catalyst for Change :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Giving it all to God

Today is about giving it all to God.

When life throws you the first major curve ball and takes you completely off track; it is customary to feel a bit depressed and resentful.

However this is a pivotal moment in one’s life to when give up control and give everything to God .

My moment came while in my last year in college. My father was sick and I was flipping out.

I was hanging out a lot and I was angry at God because my father was sick. My boyfriend and I had broken up and I was feeling really alone.

So I gotten home one night from the club and I became so overwhelmed with everything that I dropped to my knees and gave everything to God.

I prayed to God to alleviate the pain. I asked for his grace and mercy because I could no longer handle life on my own. I requested help.

Life got much better immediately . My dad got better and I was able to cope with life a little better.

So that almost 10 years ago, there are many times since then that I had to rededicate myself and give all everything to God.

Even the most well intentioned Christians can begin to care too much and try too hard to solve life’s problems until they have taken on too much of life’s burdens.

So on this Sunny Thursday these tweets are for those that barely hanging on; that is feel hopeless and overwhelmed. Give everything to God. Once you relinquish control; watch God resolve everything in the way it should be.

He will create opportunities out of thin air or even revive opportunities that were previously lost. Only God can say when something is over:)

You don’t need to be perfect to enter God’s sanctuary. All you have to be is you. God loves you exactly the way you are.

A joyful heart is good medicine. Allow God’s peace to enter your heart and change your life forever.

Be the catalyst for change.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today is about Drowning.

I have an admit one thing I never learned to do: to swim.

The mere idea of the standing more than Bathtub amount of water terrifies me beyond belief. It is like being in unreachable place that no one can help you in close distance.

Many of us are drowning standing up right now in life. We are drowning in frustration, resentment, and temptations.

Sometimes the drowning is just an sensation; it is testing of life. Then other times, the drowning is due our own foolish mistakes.

It is difficult to swim in boots but yet we cover ourselves with pounds of mistakes that eventually let us sink to the bottom of Sea of Life.

If you continue to dabble; try have your cake and eat it. It will be take you double as long to get the next level.

Remember the children of Israel were lost for 40 years on a trip that was supposed to take 7 days.

God will not let you go to next level if you are continually dabbling into things that is not aligned with God.

So I what are things aligned with God’s will: Anything that you do that you feel guilty about and feel the need to justify.

So on this Sunny Wednesday: If you feel yourself drowning; check yourself to make sure you all your core actions are aligned to God’s Will.

Living a just and Christian life may not always be the most exciting but it is safe and enduring. And it is essential to get the next level in life.

Choose life. Choose love. Choose God.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)