Monday, March 8, 2010

Repeating the mistakes of our parents in relationships

Today is about repeating the mistakes of our parents in relationships.

So this weekend was filled with unnecessary drama. While being sick yesterday I began to wonder: are we repeating the mistakes of our parents in relationships?

No one is perfect. While growing up in certain environments, you becoming accustomed to certain behaviors that may not be normal.

You take those behaviors with you as you grow up and then exhibit them in your own relationships. For example, if you grew up in a house with your parents argued all the time, then as an adult you end up in relationship where you argue all the time in relationships.

Maybe that person treats you like dirt because they saw their parents interact that same way growing up. And they think it’s normal.

Women do this a lot but what is interesting I see a lot more in men. Just because your parents did it doesn’t mean that it is normal and healthy.Some men and women think it is ok to banter and antagonize each other . It really isn’t. That can easily cross the line into verbal abuse and build resentments.

God knows I l picked up some habits from my parents :) I will hold resentment in until I explode. #fail Especially if someone is deliberately annoying me on purpose. We must learn to fight certain urges because they may be unhealthy.

We all pick up on people’s weakness fairly quickly. Some people deliberately touch people weakness for their own amusement or jest. When others do it’s because retaliation. (-That is me :) )

But both are wrong. We must God to give us a pure heart, forgive ourselves for our actions and move on.

I want an better relationship that was more than what my parents had; I don’t want to be with someone who likes drama and argue all the time. I do not want to be with someone that we are constantly hurting each other because we cant communicate our needs J It is not healthy and not normal.

We must find significant others that are willing to discuss on inclinations and triggers so we can have drama free relationships.

Make a effort to stay healthy emotionally and physically.

Sometimes God will take a bad situation or not intervene to show you areas that need to change about yourself. Hey God has to send trouble so you can fix the way you deal with trouble in your life.God will however continue to send you the same problem until you resolve it. :)

Break the cycle of destructive habits and treat people better regardless on your own inclinations toward drama. – or my case putting an end to it.

Be the Catalyst for change :)