Sunday, May 2, 2010

Establish a Soul Connection with God

Today is about establishing a soul connection with God.

I meet a lot of guys but there has been one guy that has had my heart consistently for past three years.

I have some great loves in my life but this person would ranked number 1 because of our soul connection. I have never had that with anyone.

We are not without problems. We have huge arguments. We love to make each other jealous. We date other people. We can go months without speaking. We are doing the nonrelationship/relationship dance for years.

But one look or text and all is forgotten.

He has taught me a lot of myself and helped me become a better person. He has shown me that I am jealous and that I am not effective communicator.

Through him I have learned to slow down and explain my actions instead of this just explaining my feelings. There is such a big difference.

Just because someone has upset you doesn’t mean they understand why you are screaming at them weeks later.

He knows my heart and intentions. He understand the importance of being pure at heart even better than I do.We share the same value system and experiences without realizing at times.

The biggest thing that I love about him is that he has an warrior spirit like myself. We both are very career motivated and we are struggling our carbon footprint in society. We want to make a impact and help those around us.

We also know that God is essential to success. That all things are possible if you believe.

He is only person that still gives me butterflies when I talk or see him. He makes me go from cool and collected sophisticated woman to an awkward middle school geek.

We have a soul connection. :) Today I encourage you to develop an soul connection with God.

It is essential to develop relationship/friendship with God to increase communication and transparency.

God can see you everything but he is a little busy:)

God wants to talk to him the way you talk to others in a relationship/friendship. He wants you to give him all the details and even admit when you angry. When you able to open yourself to this level of intimacy with God, he can truly bless you beyond measure.

Sometimes God has blessing lined for you but you open yourself emotionally to you to receive them.

It might be that instead on you waiting on a blessing; God has been waiting for you to pick up your blessing. But the only way to pick up your blessing is by going to the throne of grace through prayer.

Many pastors I have met told me you can walk in your blessing and you just need to step out.
For a while I didn’t know what that mean. I do now. Instead of waiting of your blessing to occur ; begin acting like blessing has already manifest and it will :)

While you are waiting on a new job, begin making a life plan of what you are going to do once you get the job. Create budget, how much you want to save, etc. and watch that blessing manifest.

While you are waiting on a house, begin picking the type of colors you will paint your house, the type of furniture. Walk into your blessing and watch it manifest.

While you are waiting to get married, anticipate all the lifestyle changes that are necessary. Begin to cook and clean more on a schedule. Begin to shut down single way of doing things; Hang out with more married people to get a sense of the change.

Most importantly, stop trying to change men and take them as they are. Learn how to pray for your man. That is person who manifest change. Walk into your blessing and watch it manifest.

While it seems a little crazy, every blessing I have received is when begin to attempted to walk the blessing.When I could not visualize and walk into blessing, it usually did not occur.

So on this sunny Sunday: develop an soul connection with God.

Once you have an soul connection with God, walk into your blessing and watch your life begin to change.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)