Sunday, February 28, 2010

Making it Thru Difficult Times

Congratulations on making it thru this trying week. I know I am not the only one that has struggled.

I don’t think I have ever been so overwhelmed and at a loss of how manage it all. This is for the people who seem to be disappointed by everyone right now: God has a great plan.

I believe that Faith is like swimming in a pool. There are times when you can drown in the waves in an turbulent life. Faith sustains you from sinking. It’s difficult to stay positive when it seems like nothing going right. It is being in front on a box with a lock that you cannot seem to unlock.

Isn’t strange the moment when you really, really need someone, they bounce? Why me? You ask. I say to you: Why not you?

Sometimes God will isolate you from those you need for support to make you stronger. This will make focus solely on Him.So when people are disappearing, do not despair. God is attempting to get your attention, it is not them. They are merely playing their part in God’s plan.

Also remember for the ladies: They are many men that struggling just like us in this economic downturn but too proud to say anything. Women be blessed in one thing: At least we can cry out in despair. Men suffer in stony silence.Sometime when a man, becomes unavailable its not about you. Its about his shame of not wanting to show weight of the world he is carrying :)

Its literally kills a man ‘s spirit not to be able to provide himself and the woman he loves.
So when you are stumbling under the weight of disappointment and loneliness, remind yourself other times you have been in over your head, God kept you. God will keep you now.

This will also give you a great testimony. I remember every trial and tribulation I have ever had because it made more compassionate person. It keeps you from holding grudges because you know that you have been saved by God’s mercy . When God forgives you, how can you not forgive?

Pray for others. Praying for others can be key to your breakthrough because it takes the focus off your situation. Be Catalyst for positive change :)