Tuesday, June 1, 2010


There will be limited updates until my book: Daily Reflections of the Ambitious is properly edited and finished. The book will be the released in stores on September 1st.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Having your guard up

Today is about having your guard up.

I remember while on dance team in high school. I begin wrestling with another member of the team after practice.

We were the same height but she outweighed me by 20 pounds.

We were horsing around in the gym and it was all fun until she body slammed on the gym floor.

I chipped my tailbone and couldn’t walk properly for a two weeks and had to sit out 1 game.

I was definitely angry and completely caught off guard.

Life is happens like that. A lot times when disappointment occurs we are not angry and frustrated because of the situations but rather because we didn’t see it coming.

Having your Guard up is essential. When dealing with life’s journey there are unexpected situations that we are not always prepared for.

There are situations in life that you cannot prepare for but you have to experience.

Having your Guard up is staying focused on God and keeping an active prayer life. Your prayer life is your direct contact with God.

If you continue to talk to Him he would provide you with insight and wisdom. So when you caught off guard you can weather the storms of life.

So on this cloudy Tuesday, keep your guard up. Stay focused on God and trust that he will take care of the rest.

O Lord, Thank you for this day. Help to me to stay focus on you and your Will. Allow me to continue and improve on prayer life which is essential to daily living. Amen

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Unique Blessing

Today is about unique blessing

When I was in high school, I went thru a major pageant stage. I did okay in them but considering I am only 5”0 feet tall; I was not going to go really far.

But it did teach me poise and discipline :)

But around that time I really wished I was taller. I didn’t want to be greedy; I just wanted about 5”4 so I could be 5”8 in heels.

What gave me more of a complex was that I had a pageant girlfriend that grew like 3 inches over one summer that was my height at first :) So I prayed all the time to grow taller.

But God blesses you in uniquely for a reason. Who knows if I was taller; I wouldn’t look the same.

We all want to be blessed. We want blessings like friends and family. We want to be blessed with new job, business, spouse, children . etc.

God will bless you however not in the same way as friends and family. He wants us all to feel special.

There is a process of blessings. The blessing process is different for everyone and depends on your relationship with God.

But two core items are the same in the process and essential receive your blessing: Faith and Prayer.

Prayer is the medium that is used to ask for blessing and Faith is the belief that will occur.

So today on this Sunny but kinda chilly Monday, Believe that God will provide you with blessings in a unique way. That way you will know the blessing is only for you.

O Lord thank you for this day. Lord send me a unique blessing. Help me to have enough Faith to believe and receive it. Amen

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Be an Motivator

Today is about the Motivators

Growing up in church, I had figure out what my role would be in church.

So at the age of 5, I joined to children choir. I was always ambitious then so I was requested to do a solo.

I was given my debut on “This little light of Mine” It became clear everyone including my parents that I could not sing at all. That solo was my last.

My dad quietly pushed me toward ushering. Which at the time seem very dull. Oh how my church friends teased me about being a usher.

It wasn’t until I got older that I understood the power of being an usher.

Ushering at church is one of the most important ministries you can become a member of. This can literally make or break a person’s religious experience.

A smile from a Usher can leave you feeling open to hearing God and aligning yourself with his Will.

A frown from a “mean usher” cause a discord between you and the God. It can even help you leave service early or even never attend that church again.

So while my friends laugh and teased; I am proud of my ushering history and I truly enjoy it.

Regardless of what day I am having; I always put my personal feelings aside to ensure that worshipers are greeted with the Spirit of the Lord.

I would not be the person I am today if my dad hadn’t notice that I couldn’t sing but I was very sociable which could be channeled into being usher.

My dad has been my motivator which has been a good and bad thing. While he always supportive; he will always call me out when I am not going to next level.

He knew all my little tricks and knows when I am BSing him. We talk about everything including relationships.

He will tell me when I am being extra and when I need to be understanding. He is definitely my biggest supporter with celibacy.

When going gets tough with life; he politely informs me that I am not spending enough time studying the Bible. He gives me some scriptures and gets off the phone. LOL :)

There has been many times he has made me sooo mad when he brought things to my attention but ultimately at the end he was always right.

I have never lied to him ( I will avoid him to keep from lying) and always tell him what is really going on. My Dad is my motivator.

There are people in your life right now that are your motivator. It can be anyone. They are constantly supportive but constantly pushing you to next level whether you like or not.

They will call you on your behavior because they have the gift of Prophecy and can tell where you are going.

These are people whom you respect but at times you can almost not like them because they will not allow you settle or stop moving forward.

Embrace this angels. They only want you to live the best possible life. They are enforcer on God’s Will.

Sometimes God has already spoken a word into our spirit but due to lifestyle changes that will be needed; we kinda drag our feet.The motivator put a little fire underneath your butt to get you moving.

God can have you do something mundane at time which can be frustrating. But fear not: this is all part of God’s plan.

Sometime that boring job, task or trying relationship has the potential to something instrumental in your life. But you cannot see it. Only God can. Your motivator can sense it

So on this Sunny Sunday: Thank God for your motivators and become a motivator force for someone else. Help someone move along the path to greatness. Speak God’s power into someone’s else. They need it.

O Lord, Thank you for my motivators. They are general manifestation of your Will. Help me to open in my spirit to hear them and move according to your Will. Allow me to be strong enough to also become an motivator in someone else’s life.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Going to Battle

Today is about going to battle.

While I love being inspirational and motivating, there are times, I have to keep it 100%. This is an time in my life where I am going up for battle.

My book has become that process for me. It book will be an collection of some of best tweets along with motivational thoughts for the Contemporary Christians.

This has been amazing opportunity however, Evil has been quite busy during this time.

Every time something irritating, frustrating, stressful or disappointment, it inhibits my ability to write. This writing is from my soul. This isn’t like putting an proposal together.

When you are attempt to get a closer relationship with God, Evil will give crushing body slam to slow your progress.

You can cry, moan and sing negro spirituals *Walk with me Lord. . . Walk with me “ Or you get up and go to battle.

You must fight Evil to get the next level that God is aligned for you. Evil unusually at the important time in your life to distract you. At brink of your breakthrough. . just before dawn.
God has a calling for all of us if you allow him lead you.

Do not miss out on extraordinary life you were supposed to lead out of frustration and anger.

Pray for his mercy and get to work. You know how this story ends. . you win regardless of the circumstances right now.

You did not come this far and gone through Hades to get to where you are now.

You MUST NOT faint. You MUST NOT falter. You MUST NOT stop.

Failure is not a option. Turning back is not possible. You must move forward.

The worst thing that Evil can do is attempt to confuse you mentally. Then you will be unable to focus and will increase your anxiety.

Allow the serenity to wash over you like soothing stream. Show your toughness and fight for your blessing. Do not allow anyone or anything make you feel unworthy of God’s Blessing.

O Lord, Thank you for this day. Please forgive me for knowing and unknowing sins. Help me to be strengthen by listening, hearing and living your Word. Grant me mercy and grace to live the extraordinary life that you ordained.

There is nothing that I cant do without your help.

Continue to fight the good fight. Be that Catalyst for Change :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Giving it all to God

Today is about giving it all to God.

When life throws you the first major curve ball and takes you completely off track; it is customary to feel a bit depressed and resentful.

However this is a pivotal moment in one’s life to when give up control and give everything to God .

My moment came while in my last year in college. My father was sick and I was flipping out.

I was hanging out a lot and I was angry at God because my father was sick. My boyfriend and I had broken up and I was feeling really alone.

So I gotten home one night from the club and I became so overwhelmed with everything that I dropped to my knees and gave everything to God.

I prayed to God to alleviate the pain. I asked for his grace and mercy because I could no longer handle life on my own. I requested help.

Life got much better immediately . My dad got better and I was able to cope with life a little better.

So that almost 10 years ago, there are many times since then that I had to rededicate myself and give all everything to God.

Even the most well intentioned Christians can begin to care too much and try too hard to solve life’s problems until they have taken on too much of life’s burdens.

So on this Sunny Thursday these tweets are for those that barely hanging on; that is feel hopeless and overwhelmed. Give everything to God. Once you relinquish control; watch God resolve everything in the way it should be.

He will create opportunities out of thin air or even revive opportunities that were previously lost. Only God can say when something is over:)

You don’t need to be perfect to enter God’s sanctuary. All you have to be is you. God loves you exactly the way you are.

A joyful heart is good medicine. Allow God’s peace to enter your heart and change your life forever.

Be the catalyst for change.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today is about Drowning.

I have an admit one thing I never learned to do: to swim.

The mere idea of the standing more than Bathtub amount of water terrifies me beyond belief. It is like being in unreachable place that no one can help you in close distance.

Many of us are drowning standing up right now in life. We are drowning in frustration, resentment, and temptations.

Sometimes the drowning is just an sensation; it is testing of life. Then other times, the drowning is due our own foolish mistakes.

It is difficult to swim in boots but yet we cover ourselves with pounds of mistakes that eventually let us sink to the bottom of Sea of Life.

If you continue to dabble; try have your cake and eat it. It will be take you double as long to get the next level.

Remember the children of Israel were lost for 40 years on a trip that was supposed to take 7 days.

God will not let you go to next level if you are continually dabbling into things that is not aligned with God.

So I what are things aligned with God’s will: Anything that you do that you feel guilty about and feel the need to justify.

So on this Sunny Wednesday: If you feel yourself drowning; check yourself to make sure you all your core actions are aligned to God’s Will.

Living a just and Christian life may not always be the most exciting but it is safe and enduring. And it is essential to get the next level in life.

Choose life. Choose love. Choose God.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Being Real

Today is about being real.

During these weird times that we are living in, it is can difficult to express yourself for various reasons.

At times it is easier to play a role than be yourself.

While at Spelman, I was definitely the social butterfly , comedian and party girl of the group.

I enjoyed the college experience and always encouraged my friends to enjoy life. While I did have good grades; I was not as motivated as I am now.

I was the person that everyone hung out when they didn’t want to focus anything serious. I probably went out almost every night while in college.

But I never missed church on Sunday even if I came straight to church from club.

But as a I became older and my faith matured ; some of my old ‘friends’ didn’t like the new, matured Tiffany.

So along this journey, I have traded in a lot of friendships for better improved ones.

And still happens today. When God is refining and molding you; everyone might not be able to go along for the ride.

When God transforms you; he is taking to next level. Some people may not be able to handle the new you.

Everyone has past and evolves past immature behaviors. Be careful of friends that want to stifle your evolution and growth.

And if you have friends that are not evolving as quickly as you ; pray for them. But you may have to leave them behind.

Most of time journeys with the God are solo trips and he will remove people to get your attention so you can concentrate solely on Him.

So on this cloudy Monday: allow yourself to be real and evolve. Make no apologizes for the process. Allow God to refine and shape your life; He has your best interests at heart.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Establish a Soul Connection with God

Today is about establishing a soul connection with God.

I meet a lot of guys but there has been one guy that has had my heart consistently for past three years.

I have some great loves in my life but this person would ranked number 1 because of our soul connection. I have never had that with anyone.

We are not without problems. We have huge arguments. We love to make each other jealous. We date other people. We can go months without speaking. We are doing the nonrelationship/relationship dance for years.

But one look or text and all is forgotten.

He has taught me a lot of myself and helped me become a better person. He has shown me that I am jealous and that I am not effective communicator.

Through him I have learned to slow down and explain my actions instead of this just explaining my feelings. There is such a big difference.

Just because someone has upset you doesn’t mean they understand why you are screaming at them weeks later.

He knows my heart and intentions. He understand the importance of being pure at heart even better than I do.We share the same value system and experiences without realizing at times.

The biggest thing that I love about him is that he has an warrior spirit like myself. We both are very career motivated and we are struggling our carbon footprint in society. We want to make a impact and help those around us.

We also know that God is essential to success. That all things are possible if you believe.

He is only person that still gives me butterflies when I talk or see him. He makes me go from cool and collected sophisticated woman to an awkward middle school geek.

We have a soul connection. :) Today I encourage you to develop an soul connection with God.

It is essential to develop relationship/friendship with God to increase communication and transparency.

God can see you everything but he is a little busy:)

God wants to talk to him the way you talk to others in a relationship/friendship. He wants you to give him all the details and even admit when you angry. When you able to open yourself to this level of intimacy with God, he can truly bless you beyond measure.

Sometimes God has blessing lined for you but you open yourself emotionally to you to receive them.

It might be that instead on you waiting on a blessing; God has been waiting for you to pick up your blessing. But the only way to pick up your blessing is by going to the throne of grace through prayer.

Many pastors I have met told me you can walk in your blessing and you just need to step out.
For a while I didn’t know what that mean. I do now. Instead of waiting of your blessing to occur ; begin acting like blessing has already manifest and it will :)

While you are waiting on a new job, begin making a life plan of what you are going to do once you get the job. Create budget, how much you want to save, etc. and watch that blessing manifest.

While you are waiting on a house, begin picking the type of colors you will paint your house, the type of furniture. Walk into your blessing and watch it manifest.

While you are waiting to get married, anticipate all the lifestyle changes that are necessary. Begin to cook and clean more on a schedule. Begin to shut down single way of doing things; Hang out with more married people to get a sense of the change.

Most importantly, stop trying to change men and take them as they are. Learn how to pray for your man. That is person who manifest change. Walk into your blessing and watch it manifest.

While it seems a little crazy, every blessing I have received is when begin to attempted to walk the blessing.When I could not visualize and walk into blessing, it usually did not occur.

So on this sunny Sunday: develop an soul connection with God.

Once you have an soul connection with God, walk into your blessing and watch your life begin to change.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today is about Peace.

Peace is something that we all take for granted until you no longer have it.

There has been many times in my life when there was so much chaos going on that I wanted to scream.

There is no where to run and no one to confide in. You were completely in wilderness. Up a creek without a paddle.

I now know that peace is similar positive thinking; you must manifest it.

Peace is a state of mental calm. It is without anger, resentment, chaos, disagreement or conflict.

Peace is essential for clear and logical thinking. When you are not peaceful, it is difficult to accurate decisions.

Ask God for peace and mercy when found yourself in very stressful situations. Peace is a gasoline in the your spiritual car. You need it go just about everywhere.

So on this beautiful but cloudy Saturday, submerge yourself in peace. With peace and serenity, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

O God, thank you for this day. Allow Peace to penetrate my being and strength my resolve in order to achieve my goals.

Be the Catalyst for change :)

Friday, April 30, 2010


Today is about being Unstoppable.

I am believer in positive thinking. You can manifest anything if you just believe.

We are living in some weird times. They are some people who are experiencing the best times in their life and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Everything is great.

And then there are people like me who are grindin. That every day there is a different type of struggle.

Every time you go up one level, the problems become complex and less easier to solve. And the Hate goes up as well.

And they are things that cannot discuss with everyone and risk is greater for all involved.
I am no longer in minor leagues; I am in the major leagues with a lot danger lurking around every decision.

This is when your Faith is essential. You must transform yourself into being Unstoppable.
An unstoppable person is someone doesn’t falter in the face of adversity. A person will get knocked down millions of times and will continue to fight.

A person that can change tactics in order to achieve their goals. A person that is willing to make sacrifices in order get the next level.

A person that has an uncompromising spirit and a general hunger to succeed.

The requirements to become unstoppable: Faith in yourself and a direct lifeline to God.
The only person you can really depend on to constantly uplift you is God. Everyone else is human and bound to fail you at least once.

Know inside you are larger than the circumstances around you and that God will give you favor that help you reach that next level.

God is such an awesome God that protect from enemies that you don’t even know about. These enemies aka haters are double agents. They have friend/family like characteristics but they don’t have your best interests at heart.

Be careful who you share your goals with; you never know their secret motives. Some just have one simple motive; to make sure you never reach your full potential. This can be friends and family. No more is immune.

So on this Sunny Friday: Believe in yourself and become Unstoppable. Once you believe and have Faith in yourself; you will have ability to move mountains.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today is about having direction.

Even though I am girly girl; I have some masculine tendencies. My dad raised me like the son he never had. LOL :)

So I absolutely hate asking for directions. I have been hours late for events because I was too stubborn to ask for directions.

I always believe I am close to my destination and that I can figure it out. I also feel that actually asking for direction is giving up in a way.

I believe there are many Believers are stubborn with our relationship with God.

We believe that we are intelligent enough to figure out life all by ourselves and giving our situations to God is giving up in a way.

Faith has nothing to do with intelligence. If you allow your intelligence to get in way; you will never have the close relationship with God that we all crave.

God wants all the glory and wants you be a testimony to others. If He allows you to believe that you did it ; you would take all the credit for yourself and your abilities.

Faith is something that cannot be conceptualized with just intelligence alone. Faith works in mysterious ways that cannot always be quantifiable by reason which is the main component of intelligence.

Faith does require two items: belief and letting of your control. You must belief that God can do all things and you must step out of the way so God can do it.

This must be done in order to receive the blessings that God has for your life and to step into your destiny.

Allow your faith to be your GPS for God. Allow it guide your path. It will never fail you. *like Mapquest LOL!*

Be the Catalyst for change :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blessing the in midst of disappointment

Today is blessing the in midst of disappointment.

When I was in college, I first started off at Howard University and then transferred to Spelman College due to homesickness. I am an Atlanta girl to my heart :)

Now I have already dreamed of being AKA despite the fact my father ‘s insistence of being a Delta. But I knew when I transferred that competition was stiff.

I was naturally disappointed when I didn’t make line at Spelman.

People always ask me now if I would pledge in Graduate Chapter. My answer is no. Not because of hate or being salty. I think it would change me as a person.

Being a Spelman woman, I am already part of rich legacy that has sustained all these years.
During certain times in life, you will experience disappointment. Some times there are things that we want are not aligned with God’s will.

I believe that I am better person without making line. If I would gotten what I wanted; I would not have strong enough to deal with some other storms in my life.

Not to mention that I would have been complete out of control and drunk with power. I would have been type that would have worn some pink and green every day :)

I had a lot of maturing to do and I did not have right attitude that would have been essential. God kept me for making dumb mistakes by taking my ego down a notch. And I needed it :)

Despite not making line, I made lifelong friends through the process. As transfer student, I made a majority of my friends (7 of them) during that process

While none of us made line, we have experience that binds us together for a lifetime :)

There are few times in your life that you get an opportunity to become put on a asymmetrical wig and become Salt n Pepa for a hour. LOL!! We have lifelong memories that we still giggle about :)

Sometimes there is a blessing during a disappointment. I believed that my blessing would be making line but my blessing was friendships that were created.

God knows what is best for you. Sometimes God will take away opportunities that you cannot handle that may not be in your best interests.

While it might be disappointing, after time passes you will realize how much those disappointments shapes you into the person you are today.

Thank the Lord that we are all more than what we used to be :)

So on this cloudy Tuesday, stay optimistic even during your disappointment. You never know what blessing is wrapped into it.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Black Women being so Single later in life

Today instead of my inspiration tweet, I will speak on this whole issue why so many Black Women are Single.

There are other races with similar issues as well such Korean men but it is not as publicized.

This is rare so here is my take. Finding a man is similar to getting the getting the exclusive Birkin Bag regardless of race.

The "Birkin" bag is a hand-built purse from Hermès that start at $6,500. They are distributed to Hermès boutiques on unpredictable schedules and limited quantities.

A Whole Sex in the City Episode was dedicated to it. I will always covet an Birkin Bag that way I covet someday getting married.

Most woman most would love a Birkin Bag. They would go about getting one in 2 different ways:

  • Some woman will get an imitation Birkin Bag and rock it like its real thing. It doesn’t have special amenities that Birkin Bag. It also doesn’t last as long. And you know you frontin and pretending that its real :)
  • Then there are the some women will save their money for years until they afford one. Then they will treat themselves to one.

The way you go about obtaining a Birkin Bag is the way you date.

Now I have tried a couple of “imitations” but they only made me want “real” one more. The Imitation have been so good that I didn’t even really if it wasn’t real or not. But they never lasted which is illustrated they were not “real”

I am willing to wait for a “Real” Birkin Bag and treat myself.

Now I have no judgment on whether you want entertainment instead of true love (imitation bag vs real bag). But I do have one request: Just pick something :)

I believe at times that women are so picky that we make no choice at all and waste a lot of time. Enjoy life; don’t limit the possibilities in your life right now. Have fun during the process.

#NEWSFLASH# Every man is not marriage material and shouldn’t not be treated as such.

When a man is ready to settle down; he should be convincing you. Not the other way around.
When He is ready; he will contact you. We don’t give men enough credit. When you they want something they know how go after it. Make him get aligned with God and chase YOU.

We as women make situations complicated when its not. Either they are being serious or entertainment themselves. Pure and Simple.

It took me a long time personally to get this. Now instead of showing my interest and coming at dudes hard, I now wait to see what they are going to do. Life has been SO much better once I changed my perspective.

I am not that romantic but I am passionate about what about I care about. Guys must now show me their passionate side. Its showtime :)

If a man really wants me; he must be willing to show me AND BE WILLING TO COURT ME. I am done proving myself. My reputation speaks for itself. Either you want me or you don’t.

Instead acting like a man; I am now the true lady that God and Spelman wanted me to be. An lady allows a man to lead the relationship. This cuts out the posers , imitators of love and serial dates.

If doesn’t want to put in the work to keep and maintain you. It is on the next one :)

Men are buses; another one will come. Now the bus might break down or be hours off schedule; but it will come. Just be patient.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today is about Confirmation .

On importance items , confirmation is necessary. I always make sure I have confirmation meetings, hair appointments even dates.

Webster’s Dictionary defines confirmation is something that supports, validates, or verifies something else. Confirmation is particularly important in the Christian world.

God will send a dream, a word that is so radical that you afraid to share it with others. It is so amazing that you wonder if God spoke to you or did you dream it?

That is when attending Church is key. And sometimes it is minister who can give the confirmation and sometimes others in the church.

God will provide you with the confirmation you need in a way that you would understand. I can
remember when I was making the decision to become an entrepreneur, I needed confirmation.

I was sick of working for other people and not having control over my life. God had spoke to me but I was afraid to jump out on faith.

So I remember that God spoke to me in two ways: the pastor gave a Word to spoke directly to me. Then when I was leaving the church in the parking lot, I dropped my bible and was picking it up, a older woman was standing in front of me. Then she said to me “ I know you are afraid but trust him. No matter God will always protect you”. She gave me a hug which is common at church. I looked with so much wonder; I couldn’t believe it.

So on this Sunny Sunday: Spend a little time with God in prayer and then seek confirmation. He will provide the confirmation needed in the most amazing ways. Hey this could be the confirmation for some of you 

Never stop believing  What God has for you is for you. Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today is about judgment.

So it coming up on crunch time for those training for Peachtree Road Race and there are runners everywhere in downtown Atlanta training.

I am an new runner, so I still remember when I saw people running down the street panting looking like they were on death’s door thinking “I don’t get it”.

When I see a runner like that first thought now is wow, I wonder where they are running from.
Now as I runner, I clearly understand the running about your endurance and perseverance. It throws all vanity out of the runner and gives you tremendous amount of discipline.

Show me a runner and I will show you someone that is great discipline and ability to focus. It also has a calming effect and helps you think clearly.

Clarity is essential to hear from God.

Being a runner is similar to being an Christian. We are all out here running this race of life. We are not always racing against each other but rather toward a higher calling.

So when you see a pessimistic, hateful , backsliding mean spirited Christian, don’t judge. You have now idea where they are running from. You may have caught them in low endurance or weak moment.

Even the best runners catch a cramp at some point. :)

So on rainy Saturday, don’t be so quick to judge. You don’t know the level of endurance it is taking on someone’s Christian walk. Pray for their strength and move on.

When you judge others; the same harshness you bestow can be turned onto you . Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Being in our Little World

Today is about being in our little world

With economic downturn, it seems there are two types of people in the world (1) people maintaining their success and (2) those struggling to get ahead.

Times like this often times bring out the worst in people. We have seen more random acts of hatefulness increasing each day.

I believe the biggest one is neglect. Everyone is struggling with something right now so it is easy to become consumed with your own life.

But this is where your breakthrough occurs. God wants us to manifest his love on a everyday level.

If you want God to bless you, be a blessing to someone else.

You can bless people in various ways. It is not about money. It is about providing the support that is needed. Your blessing can be phone call, kind words or an listening ear.

When you can think about others while in the midst of your own struggles your blessings can be double or even triple.

So on this Sunny Friday, consider everyone feelings and attempt be a blessing for at least one person per day.

It can enrich your life in ways you never thought were possible. Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today is about Pushing Thru

Today is about Pushing Thru

During the last couple of years, I have experienced incredible highs and dizzying lows.

The reason why I write my tweets is because I have been at both spectrums and like to motivate all to fight and preserve through the dark times.

The best thing to happen to me was contact lenses; otherwise I would be really unlucky in relationships ;)

Prior to my transition in contacts the summer before 7th grade , I remember I had met a new guy thru another friend who had just moved into our school district.

We had talked on the phone the entire summer and we were in a relationship . But we have never seen each other face to face.

During this time, wearing glasses was so not cool. So my secret of having glasses was safe.

I figured I would work hard for him to like me that my glasses wouldn’t matter. Or so I thought.

So on my first day of school, I was ready to show off my new boyfriend until he found out my secret that I had really, really bad vision. So he saw, we broke up immediately.

Now I am know that sounds like a horrible story but really isn’t. The silver lining was that I was so upset by situation that my mother finally allowed me to get contacts and forever changed my life.

And the guy: He got a really bad case of acne that scarred his face. Karma is a powerful thing :)

God will sometimes send a gut wrenching situation that ultimately has a good outcome in the end. God will place you into the fire not to damage you but rather refine you into a better person.

Don’t resist the process. Allow yourself to shaped by God. He knows what is best. :)

So if the heat is getting to you on Sunny Thursday: Push thru. This refining process is ordained
by God and set you on the path of your destiny.

Trust. Believe. Achieve. All things are possible.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Be the Catalyst for Change. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too Busy

Today is about being too busy.

I am very busy person. I schedule everything even personal time. I am constantly on the run; going from one meeting to next.

When the meetings are done; it is usually time for sleep. I actually count how long I am sleep to ensure I am getting enough hours. I know, I know; I am anal retentive.

But for Christians, that is sometimes how Evil enters your life.

While I do schedule time for prayer. . you do have to be a little flexible to spend some extra time with God.

When you are so busy with life; you lose the ability to (1) spend time in God’s presence and (2) being able to hear Him.

I call it spiritual white noise. Spiritual white noise is when you feel with so many distractions that you cannot think or pray.

When you feel the pull of God; pay attention. There usually for reason for you to pay attention .
God has our best interests at heart. Be careful assuming you know the outcomes; good and bad.

You never know what is going on behind the scenes.Every frustration, every delay is ordained by God.

Sometimes that frustrating delay like you cant find your keys can save you from a car accident .

Don’t try to understand the purpose of God. Just trust it.

So those like myself that busy every second of the day, spend a little extra time with God; you never know how it can really impact your life.

So on this rainy and cloudy Tuesday, continue to fight on the journey of life but allow a little extra time with God. Your soul needs it. :)

Allow God change your life. He is truly the solution to all life’s problems.

Be the Catalyst for Change ;0

Monday, April 19, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Today is about the behind the scenes story.

In today’s society, we are totally obsessed with total life of a celebrities: their professional and personal lives.

We love all the gossip and first hand accounts of behind the scenes story. Sex . Lies ; Betrayal; Triumph. Ten or even twenty years ago, we had no idea about the personal lives of celebrities. Back then, celebrities felt that needed a bit of a mystery to stay successful.

I believe that knowing the behind the scenes story is good because it gives sense of perspective in our lives. It is easy to see all the problems in your life rather than see the good.

There are millions of people who are in the top of the game professionally but are struggling in other areas. No one is immune from life’s struggles. They are used by God as character building.
So when you bogged down when it seems to be problems of life remember you are building your behind the scenes story. All the greats have to encounter difficulties to triumph.

Belief in yourself is all you need in life to survive. God will take care of the rest :)

Live your life like you are on stage. You never know who is watching .

Be Catalyst for Change :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Resist Temptation

Today is about temptations.

Since my grandmother’s death and turning 31, I am beginning to come around to the fact that I need some changes in my personal life so I can get married and start a family.

One thing about me in relationships guys either: (1)really really love me or (2)really really hate me.There is no in between .

So ended up speaking with a guy yesterday that I dated briefly when we were neighbors back in 2006 & 2007. I know, I know, bad idea :(

Of course it was drama filled and I always felt that he really didn’t care for me but was physically attracted to me. We argued all time and it was a mess. And we still dated other people.

So imagine my surprise when he actually admitted that he really did care for me but didn’t want to show it because he was angry that I wouldn’t break my celibacy.

That had my ears ringing. He actually withheld love because I wouldn’t express me love physically. I had made a covenant with God and no man is worth evoking God’s Wrath.
But it did make wonder how many other guys felt the same way but didn’t have nerve to tell me.
Has our society become so jaded and messed up that we all have to test drive everything before purchase?

The conversation made me wonder about my current friend?/relationship drama? I begin to doubt my decision I made so long ago.

As my friends are becoming engaged quickly day by day. . I do start to wonder if I should drop the celibacy to just see what happens.

Temptation always plays on some element of doubt that you have been quietly dealing with. Of course, I have wondered if my relationships have been doomed because of being celibate.

Temptations comes in many forms . Temptations doesn’t come in ways that you can easily resist.

It also comes in the areas where your faith is a little low. I have seen God make miracles in my professional life but not in my personal life. For other people, it is vice versa.

Trust God and believe in his word. God will never request for you go against Him or covenant with Him.

This type of temptation usually happens when you are close to a breakthrough so hold on even when you fed up and frustrated.

Resist the temptation and God will provide more than you can ever imagined. God can restore you and give you back the time you thought you had lost :)

Be The Catalyst for Change :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Today is about letting go.

Since I have been running so much for training, I have been listening to a lot of Drake. I can completely relate his perspective.

I have tried to turn over a new leaf and do more partnerships with other entrepreneurs only to realize why I didn’t do it in the past.

I am maverick; an innovative thinker. I move fast and it is hard for some keep up with my pace. I am not for the weak at heart. I am also relentless and I can tell from the first business meeting if it going to work.

I can usually spot laziness, instability and overall unprofessionalism a mile away. Then I believe I am being too hard on people and continue to move forward.

And I am disappointed each time. Some people are not ready for major leagues for a variety of reasons.

I can honestly I have met more unprofessional people last week then I have met in the last two years. I can deal with a lot things but one thing you cannot mess with is (1) my money and (2) my time.

While I try to be inspiration and motivational; I have to keep 100%.

There are some places that God is taking you that is not meant for everyone. God blesses within measure and whether you can handle it .

People say they want to be blessed but don’t want to work that it takes to get there. Ambition and Success is not for the weak at heart.

Business is really just a game. Everyone has a position to play; pay attention when people cannot play their position. If you don’t in the end it will cost you.

Personal feelings, whether good or bad, are out the window. Sooner or later , you will see the situation and people for what they really are: People who are not ready.

Egos should be checked at the door. The best business person is person that most humble.
The person who will talk to anyone at any level. The person who is focused on the tasks at hand instead looking important.

Most people want success handed to them and to mentored. #NEWSFLASH Mentorship is dead; you better get out here and fight for what you want in life.

God will show you who is ready to the ride and who is not. Allow the situation to play itself out without emotion.

Its difficult to let go of people in your life that is hindering your journey but sometimes it must be done.

You have choose to whether to go toward the happiness you have prayed for or continue to struggle to make it happen with knuckle so you wont be seen as disloyal. Usually the most loyal person in the group is the person who eventually gets left out in the cold.

Be careful about being a team player; play your position but don’t ever allow your position to affect your overall happiness.

In the business you have to take chances and move on instinct. You cannot make major moves in a group.

When God is preparing you for an blessing; he shakes everything in your life. Some of the shaking is doesn’t feel good but it is essential to your blessing.

So today: Stop and pay attention. Get aligned with God so He can speak to you to you the path you should follow.

Place your faith in God and everything else will fall into place.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Be passed over for a blessing :)

Today is about being passed over for a blessing.

While in graduate school, I have interviewed for a huge internship that I was sure would take me to the next level.

I was sure that I had it and then I received news that they had decided to go a different direction. i.e. We don’t want to hire you.

I was crushed and devastated. This was different from experience that I had while in law school.
I know, I know I have been in school forever. . . . :)

I had prayed for this position and God has spoken that I would be fine. So I assumed that God meant that the job was mine :) It is hard to put a positive spin on things when prayed so hard for something that doesn’t come to past.

So I watch in horror despite the fact of being the top female in my class; I became the only one without an internship.

I began to become bitter and frustrated. People told I was being impatient. How could tell them I was frustrated with God since I felt like he told me he would give me that internship?

So I gave up and then an opportunity presented itself. It bigger than I could have dreamed for myself and eventually became first job out of school.

I was paid triple what I would have been paid at the internship that I had prayed for and spent the last year of grad school with the knowledge that I had job waiting after graduation.

The blessed internship: did massive layoffs and didn’t hire any students after graduation. Without God’s will, I would have been in a dead end situation.

There are times in life when it feels like God did not fulfill your requests for a blessing. Hold on.

God told me that I would be fine and I assumed it be what I wanted. Not always.

God told me that I would be fine because he knew had something coming my way. I didn’t know about this opportunity and assumed incorrectly. :)

Stay in race even when don’t understand it. God has big plans for you. Always remember God will never leave you.

Sometimes there is a lapse of time between an disappointment and blessing. Trust in God. Reflect on all the times he showed up before in order to get thru the waiting ahead.

So the bigger the disappointment ; the bigger the payday in the end. Allow God to work his magic even when don’t understand the process.

Trust him. He is like a parent. He knows what is around the corner and wants to protect you.

So on this Sunny Sunday: Pray for his mercy for you to be able weather the storm so you would be able to receive the blessing He worked so hard to bestow.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Being a Believer

Today is about being a believer

Do you remember when you learned how to ride a bicycle? It came in steps.

You first learned to ride your bike with training wheels and then eventually the training wheels came off. Your parent or another older sibling would hold the back of your bicycle and then eventually let go.

Being an believer is similar to that :)

When you first become a believer you slowly stand on God ‘s Word. You are still very impressionable or a little scary.

Then the inevitable happens: your first valley experience or test. This is the equivalent of taking the training wheels off.

You are scared and terrified but ready to move forward very similar to your bicycle riding experience. You eventually weather the storm of life and emerge a stronger person.

During this testing experience is also when God is like the parent behind you holding the back of the bicycle. Eventually you can ride on your own without any assistance.

You will eventually be able believe in God’s will and in yourself.

There are some people who have a high belief in God and but minimum in themselves. You can do all things with God’s help and will. Past problems are not an indication of future failure.
So on this sunny Saturday, never stop believing in the impossible. Your darkest moment is usually your breakthrough. :)

Those who do impossible have one advantage over the rest of world: they refuse to back down and never stop believing. :)

Achieve amazing things : Believe in yourself . Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Are you willing fight for your success?

Today is about are you willing to fight for your success?

A successful person is someone who embodies the following;

The person who is willing to come in early and stay late. While all the others are hanging out and kicking it in the clubs; you are grinding in the office.

The person is who is willing sacrifice huge amount of personal time and life for their craft.

A person with a huge amount of discipline and inner resolve. Resolve that they are more than the circumstances and that they will win.

A person that takes failure as feedback and refuses to back down.

The person who keeps the center aligned : mind, body and spirit . If these spheres are not aligned; you will never be able to achieve success.

The person who allows their innovation to shape the world instead of the world shaping their innovation.

The person who knows that has the ability to completely focus on their goals while keeping the integrity during the process.

A person who is not afraid of being transparent with their life regardless of public perception.

This will make the general public invest in you and your success The person who has one sole focus : expanding their brand. What is their brand: themselves. Always respect the most importance brand in your life: yourself. :)

My goal is to motivate and inspire others. I want to change the general public sees contemporary Christians.

I want to represent the people who is out here grinding with our minds. There are some of us out here.

I send out some much positive energy out to my Tweeps because I want everyone to live up to our potential.

So on this Friday, instead of taking the weekend off. Make this weekend on to grind. Create your own destiny; no one is coming to save you. The only way to make your dreams a reality is to invest yourself.

Remember: The most intelligence don’t win the race; it is the most driven.

There is no shortcuts for hard work. So get Focused and Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Waiting for a Sign from God

Today is about waiting for a sign from God.

Since the beginning of my Christian walk, I have been always a believer in signs.

Lord if think I should do this please knock three times ie send me a sign. . . . ..

I am sure God was laughing at the silliness of items of requesting signs about.

As your grow in your faith, God will lessen the instant blessings. Instant Blessings are when you pray or think about praying for something it happens. Instant Blessings are common place with new Christians.

However, once you grow in your faith, time period between your prayers and blessings increase to the dismay of others.

You have become a master with prayer when you can continue to believe despite evidence of the contrary.

Don’t stop believing that God will bless you just because you haven’t gotten answer or sign.

For those like that are waiting on signs: Stop waiting.

Your Faith is only sign that you need. Keep going on the race of life. God sometimes wants to see your endurance and your faith will illustrate this.

But when faith is a little low; go to God in prayer and he will speak to you. You have to be open to hear his words.

Sometime no answer from God is not “no” but rather “not yet.” Be willing to wait on the Lord.

Prayer is the nourishment that quenches our spiritual thirst. Try it and your life will be forever changes.

Be Catalyst for change :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today is about distractions :)

Webster dictionary defines an distraction as something that diverts attention, emotional upset or amusement.

Distractions come in many forms good and bad. But all have one thing in common; that can take you away from goals.

When I am distracted; I don’t feel very positive. I have to push myself to stay in positive realm despite all the chaos around me.

Stay focused your goals and when distractions come your way; deal with one at a time.

But don’t allow them to shift your focus. Evil comes in various forms and its best form is in distractions.

Staying centered and focused is paramount. Keep your eye on the prize and within the God’s will.

Be the Catalyst for Change and prayer for those with allergies :0

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting the Basics

Today is about getting the basics.

During this training for the Peachtree Road Race; it has become clear getting the basics is necessary. All vanity is out the window.

At first it was a little difficult when you are cutesy girl like myself. I don’t the wind messing up my hair; being sweaty outside. Etc.

Now three months into training, vanity is gone. I will usually run in my lucky Spelman Hat and I have gotten used to running all conditions even in snow.

Training for Peachtree Road race has been humbling because allow me to adjust my behavior and also the vain parts of myself I didn’t know existed.

God gives feedback in various ways. He will take you through situations so you can learn about yourself and adjust your behavior.

Don’t get upset. Accept the feedback and use it as opportunity to grow. Sometimes life has away veering us off track to the point but we must start over and get the basics.

Remember: Getting the basics can be a simple as starting the day with prayer so we allow God to guide your steps.

You may not be what you want to be; you are better than what you were yesterday.

Keep going on the race of life :) Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Refuse to Settle

Happy Easter :) Today is about refusing to settle.

Jesus died for us to live a better life but yet due to all challenges and tribulations we have experienced, we are starting back down and settle.

Don’t. God wants to have the best life and settling is not an option.

Now he did not say you would not have challenges, that you would be lonely; that you wouldn’t cry or buckle underneath all the pressure.

You will have these things but they only endure for short period.

In our present time, a minute can seem like a eternity but yet in God’s time a year could be like a minute. Wait on the Lord.

In the book of Job, it never really details how long he was in his turmoil.

Sometime turmoil is brought on by God to see how really tough you are.

Job did nothing wrong but his peers swore he must have “separated” himself from God ahem.. “sin”.

No one knows your walk but you so don’t allow others to determine your perception and relationship with God.

Stay in the Race of Life and refuse to settle.

If you want to that job, keep plugging on away. Create a matrix (table) of job descriptions and describe some your practical experience to show how you perfect for the job. Do not settle.

If you want that house and you don’t have the credit. Go online and read every credit forum out there. Check the statute of limitations on all debts (7 years) and dispute everything on the credit. Do not pay someone else to do it. You do it and do not settle.

If you want to be married to that special man or woman; invest in the relationship. That means instead of telling someone that you love them show them. Words means nothing without action. Allow the Love of God to permeate through to them. Work on becoming spiritually in sync. Build a legacy together. Legacy can be more than children; it can be a financial empire for all generations. Do not settle.

If you have been dreaming of starting that business; write that business plan and get a micro loan. Get your credit on track. Get advice from These are retired business executives who understand where you are and can provide encourage. Do not settle.

And most importantly protect your dreams and inspiration. People can jealous of your dreams and will speak a spirit of doubt into your situation. Do not settle.

Believe in yourself and your decisions. Do not worry if you don’t experience in that area or feel uncertain. Or in that relationship you have had trouble in past. Believe in new beginnings and trust him. God will give you favor when you aligned in what he ordained for you.

Evil we try to tell you that you are not experienced or allow you to be frustrated in your situation and give up. Do not settle.

So as well celebrate this Easter Sunday, live up to God’s expectations for all of us and not settle for second best.

Be Catalyst for change :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Difference between Constructive Criticism and Hating

Today is about the difference between constructive criticism and hating.

During this economic downturn, we are rarely hear good news.

So when hear good news; we should rejoice. Wrong! Only if the good news is for you.

When the good news is for someone else, we all can come down with old fashioned case of jealousy. Jealousy is fine it motivates you to strive for more. It is not if you resort to hating.

Constructive criticism is providing feedback on unanticipated aspects of the project/ventures or just being a pragmatic thinker.

Pragmatic thinkers like to see all perspectives of a situation. They just want to make sure you are prepared.

I am creative type; not pragmatic at all. However it is imperative in business to have a pragmatic thinker around.

A Good business operation has enthusiastic creative thinker and pragmatic thinker. Both are equally important.

However someone who is just picking out flaws in a project, a relationship or endeavor without possible recommendations or solutions is hater.

Haters are just jealous and are motivated to bring you down.

Pray for them to take the energy of hating and allow motivate it them to pursue their OWN dreams.

Allow your frustration and jealousy to help you think innovatively as possible.

Celebrate others good news; that means you are next in line for miracle you have been waiting on.

Prayer is the answer to all life’s problems. Be Catalyst for change :)

New Beginings

Today is new beginnings.

A couple of days ago, I had a really spectacular fall while running. It was spectacular because I didn’t see it coming.

I was running and must have tripped on something. Next thing I was on the ground with my legs in front of me. I had fallen into the free newspaper container.

My first thought was “Who saw me” :) Then I scrambled to get up and kept going.
I really surprised that I wasn’t hurt or scratched. Just totally embarrassed :)

My experience was similar to what we all experience on journey of life. We take a spectacular fall ie failure, setback. You were hurt but something you didn’t see coming. You can continue on but you are more embarrassed than anything else.

You must get up and keep going. We are in the time of new beginnings.

Do you believe in them? Do you truly you can start over and begin again? This is critical important to your Faith. God is a forgiving spirit and we should be as well.

Despite all misgivings, we can must learn let go of the past and keep it moving. Stay on the path of Faith.

There many reasons why there is conflict with others. Could be conflicting ideologies, personalities, sensitivity or just bad timing.

Life is just too short to hold grudges or wonder why things happen to you.Even when don’t’ understand the lesson that God is attempting to teach you, keep going. Sometimes God reveals to the truth and lesson in all situations in pieces. So allow time to pass so you understand the breadth of situation.

So allow your disappointments and hurts to fly into the winds of yesterday and begin anew.

Be Catalyst for Change:)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today is about establishing a covenant with God.

When you people hear the term “covenant” people quietly think religious fanatic. But that is really not it all. A covenant with God is just a promise.

A promise that you will be do something that illustrates your faith in God. Its faith in action. It one thing to believe, but quite another to stand on it. :)

Have you ever done something or had something happen and say Lord if you get me out of this situation or if you do this, then I will . . . . . .

In today’s society you don’t hear a lot about covenants. Probably in just regular society it is hard for people to keep their word.

Today, make a covenant with God. Establishing accountability helps to keep you on the path of faith.

I remember when I having a hard time closing on my home, I made a covenant with God that if I closed on my home, then I will always attend Wednesday services and not tell anyone until after I closed . I made that covenant on an Sunday and on that next day, Monday, I got word that closing would be the following Friday.It killed me not to tell anyone, not even my parents but cemented the special bond I have with God. I have been attending Wednesday services regularly for almost 3 years :)

God became actual person and my savior. Not my parents. Up until that point I have been coasting on the faith of my parents.

I now have lots of covenants now with God. I cannot discuss them until the blessings have come to pass.

So during the Easter week, take your relationship with God a step further, make an covenant with God.

You will be amazed what God will can do when show him how you are willing to stand of faith.
Sometimes God is waiting for you to take one big step toward him.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Show discipline in the Doctrine of Faith and see your life expand .

Be Catalyst for Change : )

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Staying Focused and being positive

Today is about staying focused and being positive

Being focused on your goals is not the only part of your life journey; you must be positive as well.

I am a little more positive than most people but it’s not nature . I have work at it. We all do :)

We all make choice whether to see the beauty of the world or the ugliness. Choose the beauty: there is so much of it. A sunrise; a sunset; a rainbow, sunny blue days . . These are God’s reminders of beauty and bits of optimism. :)

There are times when you don’t feel positive but push through.

When you look back over your life and the times when God showed up just in the nick of time; focus on those times.

God showed up before and will continue to do so. Trust and lean on your faith. Do not allow your own frustration to get the best of you. Stay busy and focused.

Plan, Pray, Plan, Pray. If you are always implementing what God ‘s has spoken to you; you will always stay positive and know that the breakthrough is coming :)

Spending time listening to God will allow you to be aligned with his Will.

Visualize and Believe it. All that I have accomplished because I worked visualize it. Positive things create positive results.

If you want be a homeowner, start looking for your dream home. If you want to start a business, research and get your business plan.

If you want to get married; start changing your life so your life can open for that huge collaboration. Make room in your life for your blessing you have been praying for :)

Open yourself to the possibility of happiness. It can and will happen. But only if you believe :)
Allow God to be your pilot of your life. He will always guide you to what is best for you.

Be Catalyst for Change : )

Monday, March 29, 2010


There are so many unbelievers or those with lukewarm belief based upon their actions. They ask the question: why believe?

Today is busy day so decided to run in the morning 6 am instead of evening today. I usually don’t like running in the morning because it is a scary downtown and you never know what lurking behind each corner.

But I have belief that I will finish my run in one piece and go out on faith regardless. Life is very similar. Life can be become a very scary and overwhelming place. Particularly when problems can come one after another and another.

It is easy to see how you can allow the life’s problems to wash over you and overwhelm you.
You must believe that there is a higher being beyond yourself and that life will get better.

If don’t believe that life will get better its easier to go into your own devices. Your devices can never compare to what God can do. God is a jealous God and want to you to only trust him.

There are some problems in life that only God can handle. Leave them with him. I believe we become so invested in our problems that cause ourselves increased anxiety.

For me the moment I let go of a problem, it is always solved. Usually in the way I wanted.
But if you keep struggling; you will only tire yourself out.

Jump into the pool of God’s love and submerge yourself in it. He will never disappoint, mislead, and deceive you. He is truly the one person that always has your best interest as heart.

Those who try to hurt you with incur God’s wrath. Pray for your enemies. Let God handle them and trust he will :)

God is the story teller of life; and holds the book. He is only who knows our complete story. So trust the man the who holds the life story in his hand.

Be catalyst for change!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Having an Revelation

Today is about having an revelation.

When having revelation, it comes in flashes. At pieces of the time . .

Revelation shows despite all blunders and moves; we will be live in happiness because we will be aligned with God’s will. Revelation is what God’s has ordained for you to be. . . not what you want to be.

Revelation to the ending of the movie-- God will show what you become but not how to get there.

Living in today’s times it can be difficult to understand . We all live with quiet hope that there is more to life than what we see. That our suffering has a purpose.

Trust God that is does. Sometime God will give a revelation so that you keep going on this Race of Life . To keep you focused even when daily life is a struggle and confusing.

He gives revelation without direction because he wants you to trust him and lean not your own understanding. Don’t why; how it can come; when it come. Trust God. Continue to prepare and plan for your revelation will become to pass.

That is point of revelation. It helps to drift into the right direction and Prayer is compass that keeps you steady.

Prayer wont clear directions but will guide to where you need to go. Prayer is essential for live in bounty of Lord . Daily Prayer is like the Mapquest of Life. It is essential to get your desired location.

Remember: The more flashes of revelation without no explanation means that your closer to having and living your breakthrough .

But don’t allow impatience separate you for the will of God. Stay in his will even when it seems nothing is happening.

Things are happening; you just can’t see it.

So on this rainy Sunday, continue to prepare and plan for your revelation to come fruition.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Encourage yourself

Today is about encouraging yourself.

While we are all excited about the spring weather however it does give you the sense that days are a lot longer.

I believe many are becoming weary of attempting to thrive in less the ideal circumstances.People are more preoccupied than own lives more than ever. A lot is due to economic downturn.

So you are going to less encouragement and more focus on self during these times. Fear not, this is the time to encourage yourself. No one is more talent, funny and innovative than you. So do not worry if others have extra advantages and resources.

You must believe that all things are possible. The worst thing you can do yourself is to be afraid to trying something new.

People might say that you can’t do it. Don’t Believe them. Believe Yourself. You cannot yourself to be bogged down with the idea of failure .

But failure something can be helpful and ultimately make you a better person.Failure is not nothing more than feedback . Embrace it; it could can more valuable to you than success. You will know exactly where you need to focus your energy.Some of best ideas come after failure . Always focus on moving forward and instead of looking back.

So continue to stay in race of life. There are good and bad days but ultimately Good will always outweigh the Bad.

When God says it to be your time; then it is your time. If you continue to work and stay positive, you will obtain optimal results. Be Catalyst for Change :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fresh Start

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes :) Since my grandmother passing, I am working harder at having a balance.

So I got some extra sleep yesterday. It was great :) But I always spend my birthday dinner with my dad and step mother. She always cooks whatever I want for my birthday :) I am such a spoiled brat and Daddy’s Girl :)

I had low key birthday because this weekend is launch of one of my newest ventures:

Ambition Talk Radio is 24 hour live, online talk radio station that discusses entertainment, sports, business, politics and more. But this is not your typical talk radio station; this is for people interested in pop culture. Ambition Talk Radio is CNN, Comedy Central meets TMZ.

I realized there is a lack of talk radio out there that focuses on pop culture in general. Some place where you listen and discuss relationships, sports, reality shows, politics in one place?

Do you love my antics when watching sports, or my commentary about Hoarders or Jersey Shore? Or my inspiration tweets? Listen live to me and my friends on Ambition Talk Radio live on April 1st.

While we might discuss community and political issues we will also pressing topics such as Is Facebook , Twitter or Myspace ruining relationships? Is it really over between Reggie Bush and Kim K? Who do you think will win the NBA finals or Final Four? Its all about balance people. :)

So if you are someone in cubicle land that needs something to help you get thru the daily grind on your computer or phone, we will be there for you : )
You can listen to some promo clips at www.

In celebration of our Launch we having two events on Friday night March 26. If you are a
member of the press, please attend the Meet and Greet at Steel Restaurant from 8 pm- 10 pm. Please email Sam Turner at for more details.

Now if you want to meet me and the hosts, please come MF Room from 10 pm- until. MF Room is hottest new lounge in Buckhead in Atlanta. Check out at
This event is Free to public and you can get some free drinks ;) And celebrate my birthday with me :)
Now MF Room is so sick. Check it out. This puts me in the mind of Noir and its crowd in its heyday.

Can’t wait to meet you all :) Remember: The Only Limits in Life is what you allow. You can exceed your own aspirations by believing in yourself.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Waiting on God

Today is about Waiting on God. I am very impatient. I do alot things myself because I can’t stand waiting on people.

But Waiting on God is a different experience. That is one person that you cannot hurry along :)

Waiting on God is similar to trying to sleep on Christmas Eve as child.I can remember how excited I was as a child for Christmas Day. I couldn’t wait to tear into my gifts.It seemed that night went on and on. I tossed and turned in bed and swore I hear Santa on my roof.

While waiting on God can be tiresome experience. We often have sleepless nights trying figure out situations and waiting on God to show up.

So while waiting you get angry and frustrated. You feel like your breakthrough will never come.

Evil uses negative thoughts to throw you off track. He can also good people and have them do evil things.Forgive. We all have fallen short at time. We are human. Bounce back. Get back on track and stay positive. Positive Thinking create positive results. It’s important to stay positive in the darkest times.

God will show up. But sometimes He does build a bit of suspense. Sometimes things have to get a little rough to get your full attention and for you to be fully dependent on Him.
Think about it: If it didn’t get so bad to make you dependent on him, you clearly would try to solve the problem yourself. :) God wants the Glory in all situations. :)

God has special plan for us all. While all your experiences now may not be positive, they will make a stronger and grounded person.

While your plan might not be realized yet, continue to fight the good fight. Your time will come.

Remember God loves in spite of all mistakes in life. Whenever you feel that no one truly loves you: God loves more than you cant ever know.

Be Catalyst for change!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Learning to Adapt

When things are becoming difficult; I always remind myself when I closed on my home. Its wasn’t easy.

I closed on my home during the mortgage industry bubble bursting in 2007. I was supposed to close in April and actually didn’t close until August . I lived in boxes in 5 months and was very frustrated.

But in the end, it worked out for the best. I got a great deal and I had saved enough money that I was able to do all the painting for my place and purchase new furniture all it once.

I would not have been able to do that if I had not had those 5 hellish months to plan and save.

So during those 5 months, I planned for the future and keep busy knowing I wanted every thing in place when my time came. And my time did come. So when life becomes a blur and you are attempting to make magic happen, its easy to become over zealous. There is a such thing as having tunnel vision : )

The problem is when you have tunnel vision; its difficult for you to allow God to work. God has no parameters, timeframes , or any additional structure. God comes when he believes its time. He only wants what is best for you.

So don’t dismayed when you things don’t work out as you would like. It can seem that God is saying is No. But sometimes God is really saying “Not Yet”

So on this Sunny Friday Keep the faith; every delay , disappointment works for greater of God.

Want to hang out with me and help me celebrate my birthday: Add yourself to the guest list

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Don't Panic

Today is a about panic.

It is hard to optimistic when it seems that storms are coming every direction. Sometimes you have to run for the hills and break.

You cannot do anything; I am the queen of strategizing however sometime it is difficult to hear from God when you are panicking.

Panic comes in different forms. Panic can come in the form of no action or too much action.
When the going gets tough or too emotional; I flee. I like to be alone to think my way out of things but last couple of days I have been with at least 8 other people at any given time.

Evil has a way to scrambling your mind and to keep you off balance. That is when you have learn to adapt all situations and make it work.

I feel that panic is an airborne disease and can be spread like wildfire.

You must then pray for the peace of God and always remember: This is always a reasonable solution to every problem :)

Then reflect on all the situations in the past that you were stressed and thought this is a disaster but God came and fixed everything.

Then take a break and spend some time with God. Then wait and give God an opportunity to work his magic .

That is part I have the most trouble with at times. I am sometimes working so hard to resolve things I don’t give God enough time to get into the midst. So I had to learn to slow down.

I have learned that while you might be a powerhouse; you must have a good team in place to lean on when the unanticipated happens.

I have also learned you have got to ask for help for at the end of rope. It doesn’t make you a sucka but means you are human :)

So today on this Rainy Wednesday: Don’t give up. But take a pause and allow God to work. He may not come when you want him but he always right on time.

Be Catalyst for Change!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Answering The Call

This is about answering the call.

For those like me, we have struggled for so long we have dreamed the way we would act when breakthrough came.

We imagined the way it would happen and even down to what we would be wearing :) I always dream with myself in amazing outfits and handbags :)

But the breakthrough comes in a way or at a time you didn’t expect. And often it comes at a cost. Sometimes the Lord will bless you in midst of chaos and take you places you are not prepared for. You don’t know how to walk, talk or act. You are at a loss.

He can also bless you with all you need except on crucial factor. You must take a leap of faith without that factor. It is often scary and has the potential amazingly bad. This is when you know that God is truly in the midst. You are now at the end of journey and on the cusp of your breakthrough.

You can feel it. It feels like something is going to happen but you just don’t know. You are excited and scared at the same time.

The fear is normal. Sometimes when you have been down for the so long but are afraid of happiness or even the possibility of it for fear of disappointment .

But all that happens even bad words in the divine will of God. God places us in situations in our lives so we become completely dependent on him.

Then he would bless for our faithfulness. Your faithfulness is continually to shoulder the burden even in times, you begin the doubt the realization of a dream.

So for those who are become weary in the face of such insurmountable circumstances , keep going. God will bless you however you will not the time nor circumstances . It right there. Get ready for it.

So for those who have been working crazy hours, working every day , those unemployed for extended amount of time with no ending in sight, those taking care others who are suffering or those who are plain exhausted, its coming. :)

But take Blessing regardless of its shape. It’s been waiting on you for quite some time.

Be Catalyst for Change :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thank you for your prayers

My grandmother became ill on March 9 and transitioned to glory on March 10, 2010 at the age of 95.

Thank you all for your prayers during these challenging times.

I am no longer invincible. I can no longer do everything myself. I have to ask for help. I have always believed that I am solider and I can do it all.

But Life sometimes gives you a swing that you not expecting and you are emotional done. I know now how to ask help and not be ashamed. My sister and I are taking turns staying with Mom during this time.

We are having the memorial service on Monday. My grandmother requested cremation so we are sprinkling her ashes in Gulfport, MS on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Then I am on to Miami to do the most importance business launch of my career. Then I have another on March 26. Shout out to those who will help me on it :)

I have working since December for this most important time business wise and I am now floundering underneath the pressure. Please pray for me. I must produce results. There are no options. This is time when you see what you are really made of :)

I write my affirmations for you all and myself to get through this journey called life. I thank you all for listening .

I thank you for your encouraging words and Love you all :)


Monday, March 8, 2010

Intelligence and Faith

While doing my nightly run, my mind begins to wander and think back on conversations that have occurred. I also think about the implications.

Earlier, I had an conversation with someone asked me can you be a person of great faith and still be of great intelligence?

I believe you can because they are some places that intelligence has no effect: your health, emotional well being and faith. Your faith is about your belief in higher being than yourself that is in control and provide relief all situations.

If you allow your intelligence to get into the way, you think yourself right out of faith.

God knows more than we could possibly imagine or even comprehend .Regardless of all the education and wisdom, you must believe that there is a higher being beyond you.
Without it, it will be very difficult to make it thru day by day.

So while being intelligent is a great asset; it can never replace faith. Faith is mechanism that keeps us going in this journey called life.

You can live a decent life being only slightly intelligent but you cannot live without Faith.

Be the Catalyst for Change: )