Saturday, May 8, 2010

Going to Battle

Today is about going to battle.

While I love being inspirational and motivating, there are times, I have to keep it 100%. This is an time in my life where I am going up for battle.

My book has become that process for me. It book will be an collection of some of best tweets along with motivational thoughts for the Contemporary Christians.

This has been amazing opportunity however, Evil has been quite busy during this time.

Every time something irritating, frustrating, stressful or disappointment, it inhibits my ability to write. This writing is from my soul. This isn’t like putting an proposal together.

When you are attempt to get a closer relationship with God, Evil will give crushing body slam to slow your progress.

You can cry, moan and sing negro spirituals *Walk with me Lord. . . Walk with me “ Or you get up and go to battle.

You must fight Evil to get the next level that God is aligned for you. Evil unusually at the important time in your life to distract you. At brink of your breakthrough. . just before dawn.
God has a calling for all of us if you allow him lead you.

Do not miss out on extraordinary life you were supposed to lead out of frustration and anger.

Pray for his mercy and get to work. You know how this story ends. . you win regardless of the circumstances right now.

You did not come this far and gone through Hades to get to where you are now.

You MUST NOT faint. You MUST NOT falter. You MUST NOT stop.

Failure is not a option. Turning back is not possible. You must move forward.

The worst thing that Evil can do is attempt to confuse you mentally. Then you will be unable to focus and will increase your anxiety.

Allow the serenity to wash over you like soothing stream. Show your toughness and fight for your blessing. Do not allow anyone or anything make you feel unworthy of God’s Blessing.

O Lord, Thank you for this day. Please forgive me for knowing and unknowing sins. Help me to be strengthen by listening, hearing and living your Word. Grant me mercy and grace to live the extraordinary life that you ordained.

There is nothing that I cant do without your help.

Continue to fight the good fight. Be that Catalyst for Change :)