Monday, May 3, 2010

Being Real

Today is about being real.

During these weird times that we are living in, it is can difficult to express yourself for various reasons.

At times it is easier to play a role than be yourself.

While at Spelman, I was definitely the social butterfly , comedian and party girl of the group.

I enjoyed the college experience and always encouraged my friends to enjoy life. While I did have good grades; I was not as motivated as I am now.

I was the person that everyone hung out when they didn’t want to focus anything serious. I probably went out almost every night while in college.

But I never missed church on Sunday even if I came straight to church from club.

But as a I became older and my faith matured ; some of my old ‘friends’ didn’t like the new, matured Tiffany.

So along this journey, I have traded in a lot of friendships for better improved ones.

And still happens today. When God is refining and molding you; everyone might not be able to go along for the ride.

When God transforms you; he is taking to next level. Some people may not be able to handle the new you.

Everyone has past and evolves past immature behaviors. Be careful of friends that want to stifle your evolution and growth.

And if you have friends that are not evolving as quickly as you ; pray for them. But you may have to leave them behind.

Most of time journeys with the God are solo trips and he will remove people to get your attention so you can concentrate solely on Him.

So on this cloudy Monday: allow yourself to be real and evolve. Make no apologizes for the process. Allow God to refine and shape your life; He has your best interests at heart.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)