Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today is about Peace.

Peace is something that we all take for granted until you no longer have it.

There has been many times in my life when there was so much chaos going on that I wanted to scream.

There is no where to run and no one to confide in. You were completely in wilderness. Up a creek without a paddle.

I now know that peace is similar positive thinking; you must manifest it.

Peace is a state of mental calm. It is without anger, resentment, chaos, disagreement or conflict.

Peace is essential for clear and logical thinking. When you are not peaceful, it is difficult to accurate decisions.

Ask God for peace and mercy when found yourself in very stressful situations. Peace is a gasoline in the your spiritual car. You need it go just about everywhere.

So on this beautiful but cloudy Saturday, submerge yourself in peace. With peace and serenity, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

O God, thank you for this day. Allow Peace to penetrate my being and strength my resolve in order to achieve my goals.

Be the Catalyst for change :)