Monday, May 10, 2010

Unique Blessing

Today is about unique blessing

When I was in high school, I went thru a major pageant stage. I did okay in them but considering I am only 5”0 feet tall; I was not going to go really far.

But it did teach me poise and discipline :)

But around that time I really wished I was taller. I didn’t want to be greedy; I just wanted about 5”4 so I could be 5”8 in heels.

What gave me more of a complex was that I had a pageant girlfriend that grew like 3 inches over one summer that was my height at first :) So I prayed all the time to grow taller.

But God blesses you in uniquely for a reason. Who knows if I was taller; I wouldn’t look the same.

We all want to be blessed. We want blessings like friends and family. We want to be blessed with new job, business, spouse, children . etc.

God will bless you however not in the same way as friends and family. He wants us all to feel special.

There is a process of blessings. The blessing process is different for everyone and depends on your relationship with God.

But two core items are the same in the process and essential receive your blessing: Faith and Prayer.

Prayer is the medium that is used to ask for blessing and Faith is the belief that will occur.

So today on this Sunny but kinda chilly Monday, Believe that God will provide you with blessings in a unique way. That way you will know the blessing is only for you.

O Lord thank you for this day. Lord send me a unique blessing. Help me to have enough Faith to believe and receive it. Amen

Be the Catalyst for Change :)