Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today is about Drowning.

I have an admit one thing I never learned to do: to swim.

The mere idea of the standing more than Bathtub amount of water terrifies me beyond belief. It is like being in unreachable place that no one can help you in close distance.

Many of us are drowning standing up right now in life. We are drowning in frustration, resentment, and temptations.

Sometimes the drowning is just an sensation; it is testing of life. Then other times, the drowning is due our own foolish mistakes.

It is difficult to swim in boots but yet we cover ourselves with pounds of mistakes that eventually let us sink to the bottom of Sea of Life.

If you continue to dabble; try have your cake and eat it. It will be take you double as long to get the next level.

Remember the children of Israel were lost for 40 years on a trip that was supposed to take 7 days.

God will not let you go to next level if you are continually dabbling into things that is not aligned with God.

So I what are things aligned with God’s will: Anything that you do that you feel guilty about and feel the need to justify.

So on this Sunny Wednesday: If you feel yourself drowning; check yourself to make sure you all your core actions are aligned to God’s Will.

Living a just and Christian life may not always be the most exciting but it is safe and enduring. And it is essential to get the next level in life.

Choose life. Choose love. Choose God.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)