Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Having your guard up

Today is about having your guard up.

I remember while on dance team in high school. I begin wrestling with another member of the team after practice.

We were the same height but she outweighed me by 20 pounds.

We were horsing around in the gym and it was all fun until she body slammed on the gym floor.

I chipped my tailbone and couldn’t walk properly for a two weeks and had to sit out 1 game.

I was definitely angry and completely caught off guard.

Life is happens like that. A lot times when disappointment occurs we are not angry and frustrated because of the situations but rather because we didn’t see it coming.

Having your Guard up is essential. When dealing with life’s journey there are unexpected situations that we are not always prepared for.

There are situations in life that you cannot prepare for but you have to experience.

Having your Guard up is staying focused on God and keeping an active prayer life. Your prayer life is your direct contact with God.

If you continue to talk to Him he would provide you with insight and wisdom. So when you caught off guard you can weather the storms of life.

So on this cloudy Tuesday, keep your guard up. Stay focused on God and trust that he will take care of the rest.

O Lord, Thank you for this day. Help to me to stay focus on you and your Will. Allow me to continue and improve on prayer life which is essential to daily living. Amen

Be the Catalyst for Change :)