Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Staying Focused and being positive

Today is about staying focused and being positive

Being focused on your goals is not the only part of your life journey; you must be positive as well.

I am a little more positive than most people but it’s not nature . I have work at it. We all do :)

We all make choice whether to see the beauty of the world or the ugliness. Choose the beauty: there is so much of it. A sunrise; a sunset; a rainbow, sunny blue days . . These are God’s reminders of beauty and bits of optimism. :)

There are times when you don’t feel positive but push through.

When you look back over your life and the times when God showed up just in the nick of time; focus on those times.

God showed up before and will continue to do so. Trust and lean on your faith. Do not allow your own frustration to get the best of you. Stay busy and focused.

Plan, Pray, Plan, Pray. If you are always implementing what God ‘s has spoken to you; you will always stay positive and know that the breakthrough is coming :)

Spending time listening to God will allow you to be aligned with his Will.

Visualize and Believe it. All that I have accomplished because I worked visualize it. Positive things create positive results.

If you want be a homeowner, start looking for your dream home. If you want to start a business, research and get your business plan.

If you want to get married; start changing your life so your life can open for that huge collaboration. Make room in your life for your blessing you have been praying for :)

Open yourself to the possibility of happiness. It can and will happen. But only if you believe :)
Allow God to be your pilot of your life. He will always guide you to what is best for you.

Be Catalyst for Change : )

Monday, March 29, 2010


There are so many unbelievers or those with lukewarm belief based upon their actions. They ask the question: why believe?

Today is busy day so decided to run in the morning 6 am instead of evening today. I usually don’t like running in the morning because it is a scary downtown and you never know what lurking behind each corner.

But I have belief that I will finish my run in one piece and go out on faith regardless. Life is very similar. Life can be become a very scary and overwhelming place. Particularly when problems can come one after another and another.

It is easy to see how you can allow the life’s problems to wash over you and overwhelm you.
You must believe that there is a higher being beyond yourself and that life will get better.

If don’t believe that life will get better its easier to go into your own devices. Your devices can never compare to what God can do. God is a jealous God and want to you to only trust him.

There are some problems in life that only God can handle. Leave them with him. I believe we become so invested in our problems that cause ourselves increased anxiety.

For me the moment I let go of a problem, it is always solved. Usually in the way I wanted.
But if you keep struggling; you will only tire yourself out.

Jump into the pool of God’s love and submerge yourself in it. He will never disappoint, mislead, and deceive you. He is truly the one person that always has your best interest as heart.

Those who try to hurt you with incur God’s wrath. Pray for your enemies. Let God handle them and trust he will :)

God is the story teller of life; and holds the book. He is only who knows our complete story. So trust the man the who holds the life story in his hand.

Be catalyst for change!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Having an Revelation

Today is about having an revelation.

When having revelation, it comes in flashes. At pieces of the time . .

Revelation shows despite all blunders and moves; we will be live in happiness because we will be aligned with God’s will. Revelation is what God’s has ordained for you to be. . . not what you want to be.

Revelation to the ending of the movie-- God will show what you become but not how to get there.

Living in today’s times it can be difficult to understand . We all live with quiet hope that there is more to life than what we see. That our suffering has a purpose.

Trust God that is does. Sometime God will give a revelation so that you keep going on this Race of Life . To keep you focused even when daily life is a struggle and confusing.

He gives revelation without direction because he wants you to trust him and lean not your own understanding. Don’t why; how it can come; when it come. Trust God. Continue to prepare and plan for your revelation will become to pass.

That is point of revelation. It helps to drift into the right direction and Prayer is compass that keeps you steady.

Prayer wont clear directions but will guide to where you need to go. Prayer is essential for live in bounty of Lord . Daily Prayer is like the Mapquest of Life. It is essential to get your desired location.

Remember: The more flashes of revelation without no explanation means that your closer to having and living your breakthrough .

But don’t allow impatience separate you for the will of God. Stay in his will even when it seems nothing is happening.

Things are happening; you just can’t see it.

So on this rainy Sunday, continue to prepare and plan for your revelation to come fruition.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Encourage yourself

Today is about encouraging yourself.

While we are all excited about the spring weather however it does give you the sense that days are a lot longer.

I believe many are becoming weary of attempting to thrive in less the ideal circumstances.People are more preoccupied than own lives more than ever. A lot is due to economic downturn.

So you are going to less encouragement and more focus on self during these times. Fear not, this is the time to encourage yourself. No one is more talent, funny and innovative than you. So do not worry if others have extra advantages and resources.

You must believe that all things are possible. The worst thing you can do yourself is to be afraid to trying something new.

People might say that you can’t do it. Don’t Believe them. Believe Yourself. You cannot yourself to be bogged down with the idea of failure .

But failure something can be helpful and ultimately make you a better person.Failure is not nothing more than feedback . Embrace it; it could can more valuable to you than success. You will know exactly where you need to focus your energy.Some of best ideas come after failure . Always focus on moving forward and instead of looking back.

So continue to stay in race of life. There are good and bad days but ultimately Good will always outweigh the Bad.

When God says it to be your time; then it is your time. If you continue to work and stay positive, you will obtain optimal results. Be Catalyst for Change :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fresh Start

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes :) Since my grandmother passing, I am working harder at having a balance.

So I got some extra sleep yesterday. It was great :) But I always spend my birthday dinner with my dad and step mother. She always cooks whatever I want for my birthday :) I am such a spoiled brat and Daddy’s Girl :)

I had low key birthday because this weekend is launch of one of my newest ventures:

Ambition Talk Radio is 24 hour live, online talk radio station that discusses entertainment, sports, business, politics and more. But this is not your typical talk radio station; this is for people interested in pop culture. Ambition Talk Radio is CNN, Comedy Central meets TMZ.

I realized there is a lack of talk radio out there that focuses on pop culture in general. Some place where you listen and discuss relationships, sports, reality shows, politics in one place?

Do you love my antics when watching sports, or my commentary about Hoarders or Jersey Shore? Or my inspiration tweets? Listen live to me and my friends on Ambition Talk Radio live on April 1st.

While we might discuss community and political issues we will also pressing topics such as Is Facebook , Twitter or Myspace ruining relationships? Is it really over between Reggie Bush and Kim K? Who do you think will win the NBA finals or Final Four? Its all about balance people. :)

So if you are someone in cubicle land that needs something to help you get thru the daily grind on your computer or phone, we will be there for you : )
You can listen to some promo clips at www.

In celebration of our Launch we having two events on Friday night March 26. If you are a
member of the press, please attend the Meet and Greet at Steel Restaurant from 8 pm- 10 pm. Please email Sam Turner at for more details.

Now if you want to meet me and the hosts, please come MF Room from 10 pm- until. MF Room is hottest new lounge in Buckhead in Atlanta. Check out at
This event is Free to public and you can get some free drinks ;) And celebrate my birthday with me :)
Now MF Room is so sick. Check it out. This puts me in the mind of Noir and its crowd in its heyday.

Can’t wait to meet you all :) Remember: The Only Limits in Life is what you allow. You can exceed your own aspirations by believing in yourself.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Waiting on God

Today is about Waiting on God. I am very impatient. I do alot things myself because I can’t stand waiting on people.

But Waiting on God is a different experience. That is one person that you cannot hurry along :)

Waiting on God is similar to trying to sleep on Christmas Eve as child.I can remember how excited I was as a child for Christmas Day. I couldn’t wait to tear into my gifts.It seemed that night went on and on. I tossed and turned in bed and swore I hear Santa on my roof.

While waiting on God can be tiresome experience. We often have sleepless nights trying figure out situations and waiting on God to show up.

So while waiting you get angry and frustrated. You feel like your breakthrough will never come.

Evil uses negative thoughts to throw you off track. He can also good people and have them do evil things.Forgive. We all have fallen short at time. We are human. Bounce back. Get back on track and stay positive. Positive Thinking create positive results. It’s important to stay positive in the darkest times.

God will show up. But sometimes He does build a bit of suspense. Sometimes things have to get a little rough to get your full attention and for you to be fully dependent on Him.
Think about it: If it didn’t get so bad to make you dependent on him, you clearly would try to solve the problem yourself. :) God wants the Glory in all situations. :)

God has special plan for us all. While all your experiences now may not be positive, they will make a stronger and grounded person.

While your plan might not be realized yet, continue to fight the good fight. Your time will come.

Remember God loves in spite of all mistakes in life. Whenever you feel that no one truly loves you: God loves more than you cant ever know.

Be Catalyst for change!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Learning to Adapt

When things are becoming difficult; I always remind myself when I closed on my home. Its wasn’t easy.

I closed on my home during the mortgage industry bubble bursting in 2007. I was supposed to close in April and actually didn’t close until August . I lived in boxes in 5 months and was very frustrated.

But in the end, it worked out for the best. I got a great deal and I had saved enough money that I was able to do all the painting for my place and purchase new furniture all it once.

I would not have been able to do that if I had not had those 5 hellish months to plan and save.

So during those 5 months, I planned for the future and keep busy knowing I wanted every thing in place when my time came. And my time did come. So when life becomes a blur and you are attempting to make magic happen, its easy to become over zealous. There is a such thing as having tunnel vision : )

The problem is when you have tunnel vision; its difficult for you to allow God to work. God has no parameters, timeframes , or any additional structure. God comes when he believes its time. He only wants what is best for you.

So don’t dismayed when you things don’t work out as you would like. It can seem that God is saying is No. But sometimes God is really saying “Not Yet”

So on this Sunny Friday Keep the faith; every delay , disappointment works for greater of God.

Want to hang out with me and help me celebrate my birthday: Add yourself to the guest list

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Don't Panic

Today is a about panic.

It is hard to optimistic when it seems that storms are coming every direction. Sometimes you have to run for the hills and break.

You cannot do anything; I am the queen of strategizing however sometime it is difficult to hear from God when you are panicking.

Panic comes in different forms. Panic can come in the form of no action or too much action.
When the going gets tough or too emotional; I flee. I like to be alone to think my way out of things but last couple of days I have been with at least 8 other people at any given time.

Evil has a way to scrambling your mind and to keep you off balance. That is when you have learn to adapt all situations and make it work.

I feel that panic is an airborne disease and can be spread like wildfire.

You must then pray for the peace of God and always remember: This is always a reasonable solution to every problem :)

Then reflect on all the situations in the past that you were stressed and thought this is a disaster but God came and fixed everything.

Then take a break and spend some time with God. Then wait and give God an opportunity to work his magic .

That is part I have the most trouble with at times. I am sometimes working so hard to resolve things I don’t give God enough time to get into the midst. So I had to learn to slow down.

I have learned that while you might be a powerhouse; you must have a good team in place to lean on when the unanticipated happens.

I have also learned you have got to ask for help for at the end of rope. It doesn’t make you a sucka but means you are human :)

So today on this Rainy Wednesday: Don’t give up. But take a pause and allow God to work. He may not come when you want him but he always right on time.

Be Catalyst for Change!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Answering The Call

This is about answering the call.

For those like me, we have struggled for so long we have dreamed the way we would act when breakthrough came.

We imagined the way it would happen and even down to what we would be wearing :) I always dream with myself in amazing outfits and handbags :)

But the breakthrough comes in a way or at a time you didn’t expect. And often it comes at a cost. Sometimes the Lord will bless you in midst of chaos and take you places you are not prepared for. You don’t know how to walk, talk or act. You are at a loss.

He can also bless you with all you need except on crucial factor. You must take a leap of faith without that factor. It is often scary and has the potential amazingly bad. This is when you know that God is truly in the midst. You are now at the end of journey and on the cusp of your breakthrough.

You can feel it. It feels like something is going to happen but you just don’t know. You are excited and scared at the same time.

The fear is normal. Sometimes when you have been down for the so long but are afraid of happiness or even the possibility of it for fear of disappointment .

But all that happens even bad words in the divine will of God. God places us in situations in our lives so we become completely dependent on him.

Then he would bless for our faithfulness. Your faithfulness is continually to shoulder the burden even in times, you begin the doubt the realization of a dream.

So for those who are become weary in the face of such insurmountable circumstances , keep going. God will bless you however you will not the time nor circumstances . It right there. Get ready for it.

So for those who have been working crazy hours, working every day , those unemployed for extended amount of time with no ending in sight, those taking care others who are suffering or those who are plain exhausted, its coming. :)

But take Blessing regardless of its shape. It’s been waiting on you for quite some time.

Be Catalyst for Change :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thank you for your prayers

My grandmother became ill on March 9 and transitioned to glory on March 10, 2010 at the age of 95.

Thank you all for your prayers during these challenging times.

I am no longer invincible. I can no longer do everything myself. I have to ask for help. I have always believed that I am solider and I can do it all.

But Life sometimes gives you a swing that you not expecting and you are emotional done. I know now how to ask help and not be ashamed. My sister and I are taking turns staying with Mom during this time.

We are having the memorial service on Monday. My grandmother requested cremation so we are sprinkling her ashes in Gulfport, MS on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Then I am on to Miami to do the most importance business launch of my career. Then I have another on March 26. Shout out to those who will help me on it :)

I have working since December for this most important time business wise and I am now floundering underneath the pressure. Please pray for me. I must produce results. There are no options. This is time when you see what you are really made of :)

I write my affirmations for you all and myself to get through this journey called life. I thank you all for listening .

I thank you for your encouraging words and Love you all :)


Monday, March 8, 2010

Intelligence and Faith

While doing my nightly run, my mind begins to wander and think back on conversations that have occurred. I also think about the implications.

Earlier, I had an conversation with someone asked me can you be a person of great faith and still be of great intelligence?

I believe you can because they are some places that intelligence has no effect: your health, emotional well being and faith. Your faith is about your belief in higher being than yourself that is in control and provide relief all situations.

If you allow your intelligence to get into the way, you think yourself right out of faith.

God knows more than we could possibly imagine or even comprehend .Regardless of all the education and wisdom, you must believe that there is a higher being beyond you.
Without it, it will be very difficult to make it thru day by day.

So while being intelligent is a great asset; it can never replace faith. Faith is mechanism that keeps us going in this journey called life.

You can live a decent life being only slightly intelligent but you cannot live without Faith.

Be the Catalyst for Change: )

Repeating the mistakes of our parents in relationships

Today is about repeating the mistakes of our parents in relationships.

So this weekend was filled with unnecessary drama. While being sick yesterday I began to wonder: are we repeating the mistakes of our parents in relationships?

No one is perfect. While growing up in certain environments, you becoming accustomed to certain behaviors that may not be normal.

You take those behaviors with you as you grow up and then exhibit them in your own relationships. For example, if you grew up in a house with your parents argued all the time, then as an adult you end up in relationship where you argue all the time in relationships.

Maybe that person treats you like dirt because they saw their parents interact that same way growing up. And they think it’s normal.

Women do this a lot but what is interesting I see a lot more in men. Just because your parents did it doesn’t mean that it is normal and healthy.Some men and women think it is ok to banter and antagonize each other . It really isn’t. That can easily cross the line into verbal abuse and build resentments.

God knows I l picked up some habits from my parents :) I will hold resentment in until I explode. #fail Especially if someone is deliberately annoying me on purpose. We must learn to fight certain urges because they may be unhealthy.

We all pick up on people’s weakness fairly quickly. Some people deliberately touch people weakness for their own amusement or jest. When others do it’s because retaliation. (-That is me :) )

But both are wrong. We must God to give us a pure heart, forgive ourselves for our actions and move on.

I want an better relationship that was more than what my parents had; I don’t want to be with someone who likes drama and argue all the time. I do not want to be with someone that we are constantly hurting each other because we cant communicate our needs J It is not healthy and not normal.

We must find significant others that are willing to discuss on inclinations and triggers so we can have drama free relationships.

Make a effort to stay healthy emotionally and physically.

Sometimes God will take a bad situation or not intervene to show you areas that need to change about yourself. Hey God has to send trouble so you can fix the way you deal with trouble in your life.God will however continue to send you the same problem until you resolve it. :)

Break the cycle of destructive habits and treat people better regardless on your own inclinations toward drama. – or my case putting an end to it.

Be the Catalyst for change :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Relying on God

Good morning on this Sunny Sunday :) I love these Sunny Days.

Today is about Relying on God.

With problems associated with the economic downturn, people are acting out. Everyone deals with stress in various ways. Some retreat into their own world and others attempt to wreak havoc everywhere they go.

It is easy to be disappointed and angry in people. But remember sometimes people allow themselves to be used by Evil without realizing it.

These people are working outside the will of God. Pray for them.

Its easy to scream, cuss, yell and attempt to bring them down just as they did to you.Don’t. Share your disappointment in their actions. They want the anger; they feed off the drama.

Sometimes the disappointment is so great that you are at a loss of what to do. Allow yourself to
enveloped in God’s love.

I know you might not understand the purpose but there is purpose all the happens in life.

Pray for God’s mercy, and grace to guide your path. Lean on God when don’t understand the storms raging in your life.

When you are being spiritually attacked, trouble will come in every aspect of your life. When this happens rejoice. This means you are close to your breakthrough.

Whatever God has for you; is yours. No one can take away an opportunity that God has ordained. So step back and allow God to work. He is truly amazing and can bless beyond highest expectations.

Be Catalyst for Change :)


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Toxic Friends and Stress

Today is about toxic friends and stress.

We are all under a great deal of stress. And we deal with differently. Sometimes we go directly into light. . some descend into the darkness.

Those who descend into darkness eventually will gravitate toward light. But the darkness drains the light. So today on this sunny Saturday, be careful who surround yourself with.

When you close to your breakthrough, Evil will send trouble in the form of emotionally draining friends. It’s funny in a relationships, we will cut someone fast if they are emotionally draining. But we will keep friends around that drain our light (positive) energy.

You keep them around because you are treating the way you want to be treated. But they keep you around of something to gain. Or because they feel that they are better than you and makes them feel good to discuss your problems.

You don’t notice their toxic nature because it takes time for people to reveal their motives. Until your life is getting better and they are descending until darkness. Then they reveal their toxic nature.

These toxic friends can dream and relationship killers as well.I believe toxic friends are worst than bad relationships because you more open and transparent with friends than with relationship.

For that they can ruin potential happiness and success.

Have you ever stopped dating someone because you friends didn’t like them? Have you dropped a business venture because your friends thought it was stupid?

I am sure that the people invented the Pet Rock and Snuggle had friends that discouraged them. But they didn’t listen. Who is laughing now?

Take care of yourself. Allow God to speak to you. Sometimes you can friendly but from a distance.

God is taking to the next level. You are going from the minor leagues to the majors. But sometimes everyone cannot go along on the ride.

Trust God; he knows what is best. Be Catalyst for the Change. :)


Today is about endurance. I recognize the connection between spirituality and long distance running. You see a lot society when running.

But Life is about is choices; You must decide whether you are going to see beauty or ugliness in the world :)

When I first starting long distance running; I thought I was hot because I had been running on the treadmill 30 minutes a day every day for 4 years.Boy, I was wrong and was an humbling experience. I realized that I had very little endurance.

When I run the first leg (2 miles) and I am good. But I seem to struggle in the middle of run until I am barely hanging on until I see my house.

I believe running is similar to this great race of life we are in. My daily run is the hills and valleys of life.. . ie a trial of life .

My running endurance problem is similar to my spiritual life. When I first enter a trial; I am good at first and upbeat.

When I get into the eye of storm or a solution is not readily available, I get weary. But I bucked down and finish the trial of life. Even if I finish slow or beaten down; I always finish.
That is what we all should do in this race of life; finish and remember the trial of life builds endurance.

Endurance is necessary to handle all life trials. So when you overwhelmed with life just know you are in the middle of a little spiritual exercise and it’s good for you.

You will never be able to get the next level in life and business unless build your endurance. Your endurance is built by trusting in God and leaning not to your own understanding :)

Be an catalyst for change :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


Happy Friday :) Make each day a fresh start :) Today is about Motivation.

Motivation is the most difficult to maintain but the most important. Motivation is the key to success in every aspect of life.

During this economic downturn, it is easy to become discouraged and unmotivated.Lack of motivation is not God respond to a possible goal but rather manifestation of fear.

Sometimes it is easier to do nothing than to take a leap of faith. Push through the fear and get on track.

God can provide all we need to become successful. So pray for motivation.While it seems to be slightly mundane to prayer for something such as this; I believe it is critical to reach your potential.

Rely on God to help to you focus on what is importance and for you continue reaching for your goals.

Sometime Prayer doesn’t the change the situation; but does change how we respond. A problem or setback is sometimes designed by God and makes you stronger.

God has your best interest at heart; The only way your dream will come thru if YOU make it happen. Step past the fear; its amazing to see what might be waiting on the other side.

Be Catalyst for Change :)

Purpose of Ambition

There have been a lot of questions sent to me about my driven and ambitious spirit.

My driven and ambitious spirit is related somewhat to me wanting to be successful. However most of my drive and ambitious is my caring spirit. I want to help life be better for everyone.
Ambition is the force inside that looks beyond the circumstances around you. The force that believes that you can change the circumstances around you to better society as whole.

That is why it was such a difficult time for me after the campaign because I felt that I had let my supporters and staff down. I realize now that you help people and your community in various ways; not just politically.

Sometimes providing individuals with spiritual nourishment, positive thinking, comedy relief, or even taking the time to listen and prayer for someone is just as important.

Changing a community and the nation is not just about the economic downturn. It’s about a change of perspective and thinking. It will take innovation but yet practical thinking to get us back on track.We are all definitely getting a sense of perspective and clear understanding of what is really important in life :)

I want to make sure every person lives the best life possible. I want people to live up to their potential. I feel myself transcending beyond the day to day improvements but me wanting to ensure that all people are healthy spiritually and emotional.

Spiritual health is single most important thing to me. If you are not spiritually healthy, it can leads to chaos. Spiritual health is largely determined by your communication with God.
Learn how to talk to God. Talk to God like a homie. Talk to him you are mad, talk to him when you are happy, talk to him when you are frustrated. Talk to Him.

That is the purpose of prayer. Prayer is your direct communication with God . Learn how to use and rely it.

It’s easy to get frustrated during a storm. What magnifies the strength of a storm is when you stop talking God. It might take him some time to answer but he is always right on time. But talk with Him and he will give you peace even when don’t understand the purpose.

Always remember no matter what life hands you; it can change in an instant. If you stay positive and lean on God, the possibilities are endless.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)


Thursday, March 4, 2010


Are you really articulating what you need in a relationship?I realize that I am emotionally unavailable generally. One of my girlfriends last night told me and then I told another girlfriend agreed.

I disagreed and was slightly insulted. I have always shared my emotions. But my Spelman sis broke it down: She stated that I am good sharing what is going on in my life but I do not discuss how it makes ME feel.

I realized at that moment she was right. What is this: Epiphany Thursdays $%$%! Sometimes we think we are communicating our needs well when in fact you are not. All my joking about guys being emotional right now shows my lack of emotional availability.

Maybe my previous relationships failed because I was not clear about what I need emotionally.
I admit that I could live in a shallow lifestyle probably for life with weak connections. But I will now work at being doing better.

I have always been optimist person. I feel if you concentrate on the emotions that it takes away from the goals in mind. I guess it’s the man in me.

So are you emotional available in your relationships? We all must work hard to improve all our connections. Feedback sucks regardless but its necessary because it tells you what you need to work on :)

I believe for me denote a need clarity. Clarity is essential in all aspects of life. We are seek clarity but do not we provide it.

Work on providing clarity. Without clarity is like walking around without lightness. God can help provide clarity. Sometimes he provides you with feedback so we can work on getting emotional connection you crave. So work on spending some extra time with God to get the clarity needed and then spread the love.

Be the Catalyst for Change :) Happy Thursday :)

Maintaining Hope

Don’t give up hope. It just means that is not your season yet but it will be your season soon :)Sometimes God goes silent on certain situations in order to get things and/or people ready.

The season that you are in might not be about you; but rather getting things ready for you. Love cannot exist if one party is not willing to be transparent and open.
Love has nothing to do pride, ego, arrogance, “losing your edge” and manipulation. Love is able putting it all on the line on the person. Love is looking like a fool; a loss of perceived dignity in certain situations.

Love is willingness to sacrifice for that other person. But this must be done by both parties not one. So if you are waiting on someone else, be patient.
You never know how people will surprise you. . wait on God.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Learning to Love

Loving is very similar to Learning to Walk. It is scary but empowering experience.
Everyone learns to walk at their own pace. Some go from crawling to walking in a flash. Some stand for months before taking a step.

I believe that the way you learned to walk is the way you choose to love. Some are timid and others throw caution to the wind :)

We have to learn to be patient with those learning to love. Love is often confused with sex that it can be difficult to decipher.It can be easy for some to share their bodies than share their hearts.

There are many people who very experienced sexually but virgins of love :)Everyone develops at their own pace. Allow that special person to develop their love without being rushed :)

Now I don’t mean enable that person. When you learned to walk there was a point when your parents allowed you to figure it out without their input.
They were usually watching but there were no helping either. You had to learn to how balance and walk.

The same is for love. Sometimes you have to step back allow people to figure out their feelings.

Love has its good and bad days; its hills and valleys. If this is a bad day; just know that good days are coming .

So remember: be patient. Be with the one you love and if they are “learning to walk”: love them from afar.

The great thing is just like with walking: everyone does learn how to love.
It takes some a little longer than others. But when they do, they will love for a lifetime :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fighting for Happiness

Today has been such a long day but wanted give encouragement to those fighting for happiness.
Happiness is something is something that all strive for but rarely experience. Its hard to be happy or even content when it feels like all the decks are stacked against you.

Happiness has become a dream we are fighting to obtain with uncertainty (or faith) if it will ever occur. I believe that happiness is has to be a state of mind; not an effect from your present environment and circumstances.

We must learn to be happy regardless of our stage of our lives. There is always something to be thankful for. :) Never allow society’s perceptions of you and your life steal the joy out of life.
If you can hold on the shred of hope and faith that things will get better; they will. I am true believer you can positive think yourself out of a storm.

Even when it looks like the chips are down and you are going to lose; push through . This is critical moment when positive thinking is absolutely necessary to get to the next level.

If you can learn to be prosper and flourish in less than ideal circumstances then imagine the possibilities of the future :)

Be the Catalyst for Change :)

Love and being single

Congrats all singles that may it thru another Valentine’s Day . It was like pulling an old band aid off; a necessary evil :)

Remember: Be Patient with those who are learning to Walk ie love. There might be some resentment in the process.

There were some kids who enjoyed being independent and went from crawling to walking in a flash. However, there were some kids that cried every time their parents tried to put them down. There are some similar issues in love :)
Most people don’t like change; they would be prefer things to remain the same.I am sure there were some kids that would have preferred to be carried for life. Alas, change is necessary.

Its easier to wait for someone else to make to the move toward reconciliation. But that is not going to happen.

If you feel that you should but you are afraid; then you must pull yourself out of your “playa” comfort zone. And take a chance on love :)If you feel that you should but you are afraid; then you must pull yourself out of your “playa” comfort zone.
We must all grow up. Being loved and to love comes with responsibility. Only when you accept the responsibility is when you can accept the purest form of love.

Top Ten Twitter etiquette Tips

1. Always respond to all tweeps regardless if they follow you or not. If you don’t its rude and no one is that hot. Period. *this is a personal pet peeve*

2. Try to follow people who follow you. Life and Business is about building relationships. Be a team player and stop being snob. If you want to be snobby; go to Facebook :)

3. Do not talk in all Caps. Its difficult to read and turns people off.

4. Be a person. We all have projects we are working on but you must get people to like you as a person. Tell people how you really feel. Hawking your projects or name dropping all the time is irritating.

5. Lay off the hard pressing DMs. DM is used primarily short conversations. Lets keep it

6. Be respectful. If someone lists you then you should try to do same. Same perspective of following people who follow you. Stop being snobby.

7. Use quotes and RT sparingly. While when I first started, I loved quotes as well. However, you must have REAL independent thoughts on Twitter. Otherwise you become boring.

8. Do not spam. I can’t stress this enough. Enough said.

9. Do not stress about number of followers. Most of us with large numbers have had our accounts for over 1 year or more. So relax and be cool. Just be yourself and people will begin the follow you.

10. Try to pick an username and stick with it. One or two changes are fine but if you change it too much; its confusing for Tweeps to follow and get to know you :)

I hope you enjoyed with Twitter Etiquette.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)


Monday, March 1, 2010

When you are frustrated

This weekend has been trying due to lots of technology problems: laptop crashed, ipod and cell phone died. This is for those who find themselves getting frustrated and sinking into despair.

God is in control of all situations. Things that you thought were unfair ten years could have been deliberately placed there to keep you from being hurt today.
God anticipates things we couldn’t even imagine. God does a lot of things behind the scenes.

Sometimes when you think God is not answering, he asking by putting things in order. You just don’t know it yet :) Trust him. Believe me, I know it’s hard but the reward is worth it.

Ask God for peace, mercy and grace. He will help you to weather the storms of life. God will send you a little booster of blessings that whispers “ Keep going, I will bless you, its coming “

Remember that even a encouraging word is a booster blessing :) It is always darkest before dawn; it is same for breakthroughs: it is always the darkest before your breakthrough.
Keep the faith and be a catalyst for Change :)

Dream Killers

Let’s talk about dream killers. Dream killers are people for whatever reason have allowed failure to define them.

Failure and problems are a part of life; no one is immune. How rebound from Failure and Trials is what defines you. Learn from every hard lesson in your life. Otherwise you bound to repeat them.

Be careful who you share your dreams. Jealousy is a powerful thing. Be guard your dreams in their inception stage. . don’t allow yourself to be discouraged. Keep going :)

Encourage dream killers to dream again; they will thank you for it. Its a blessing for all :)

Commit yourself to do one kind action each day. Its amazing how it can impact others will be inspired to do the same :)

Be an catalyst for change! Positive energy helps to promote positive actions :)