Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Top Ten Twitter etiquette Tips

1. Always respond to all tweeps regardless if they follow you or not. If you don’t its rude and no one is that hot. Period. *this is a personal pet peeve*

2. Try to follow people who follow you. Life and Business is about building relationships. Be a team player and stop being snob. If you want to be snobby; go to Facebook :)

3. Do not talk in all Caps. Its difficult to read and turns people off.

4. Be a person. We all have projects we are working on but you must get people to like you as a person. Tell people how you really feel. Hawking your projects or name dropping all the time is irritating.

5. Lay off the hard pressing DMs. DM is used primarily short conversations. Lets keep it

6. Be respectful. If someone lists you then you should try to do same. Same perspective of following people who follow you. Stop being snobby.

7. Use quotes and RT sparingly. While when I first started, I loved quotes as well. However, you must have REAL independent thoughts on Twitter. Otherwise you become boring.

8. Do not spam. I can’t stress this enough. Enough said.

9. Do not stress about number of followers. Most of us with large numbers have had our accounts for over 1 year or more. So relax and be cool. Just be yourself and people will begin the follow you.

10. Try to pick an username and stick with it. One or two changes are fine but if you change it too much; its confusing for Tweeps to follow and get to know you :)

I hope you enjoyed with Twitter Etiquette.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)