Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Learning to Love

Loving is very similar to Learning to Walk. It is scary but empowering experience.
Everyone learns to walk at their own pace. Some go from crawling to walking in a flash. Some stand for months before taking a step.

I believe that the way you learned to walk is the way you choose to love. Some are timid and others throw caution to the wind :)

We have to learn to be patient with those learning to love. Love is often confused with sex that it can be difficult to decipher.It can be easy for some to share their bodies than share their hearts.

There are many people who very experienced sexually but virgins of love :)Everyone develops at their own pace. Allow that special person to develop their love without being rushed :)

Now I don’t mean enable that person. When you learned to walk there was a point when your parents allowed you to figure it out without their input.
They were usually watching but there were no helping either. You had to learn to how balance and walk.

The same is for love. Sometimes you have to step back allow people to figure out their feelings.

Love has its good and bad days; its hills and valleys. If this is a bad day; just know that good days are coming .

So remember: be patient. Be with the one you love and if they are “learning to walk”: love them from afar.

The great thing is just like with walking: everyone does learn how to love.
It takes some a little longer than others. But when they do, they will love for a lifetime :)