Sunday, March 28, 2010

Having an Revelation

Today is about having an revelation.

When having revelation, it comes in flashes. At pieces of the time . .

Revelation shows despite all blunders and moves; we will be live in happiness because we will be aligned with God’s will. Revelation is what God’s has ordained for you to be. . . not what you want to be.

Revelation to the ending of the movie-- God will show what you become but not how to get there.

Living in today’s times it can be difficult to understand . We all live with quiet hope that there is more to life than what we see. That our suffering has a purpose.

Trust God that is does. Sometime God will give a revelation so that you keep going on this Race of Life . To keep you focused even when daily life is a struggle and confusing.

He gives revelation without direction because he wants you to trust him and lean not your own understanding. Don’t why; how it can come; when it come. Trust God. Continue to prepare and plan for your revelation will become to pass.

That is point of revelation. It helps to drift into the right direction and Prayer is compass that keeps you steady.

Prayer wont clear directions but will guide to where you need to go. Prayer is essential for live in bounty of Lord . Daily Prayer is like the Mapquest of Life. It is essential to get your desired location.

Remember: The more flashes of revelation without no explanation means that your closer to having and living your breakthrough .

But don’t allow impatience separate you for the will of God. Stay in his will even when it seems nothing is happening.

Things are happening; you just can’t see it.

So on this rainy Sunday, continue to prepare and plan for your revelation to come fruition.