Thursday, March 4, 2010


Are you really articulating what you need in a relationship?I realize that I am emotionally unavailable generally. One of my girlfriends last night told me and then I told another girlfriend agreed.

I disagreed and was slightly insulted. I have always shared my emotions. But my Spelman sis broke it down: She stated that I am good sharing what is going on in my life but I do not discuss how it makes ME feel.

I realized at that moment she was right. What is this: Epiphany Thursdays $%$%! Sometimes we think we are communicating our needs well when in fact you are not. All my joking about guys being emotional right now shows my lack of emotional availability.

Maybe my previous relationships failed because I was not clear about what I need emotionally.
I admit that I could live in a shallow lifestyle probably for life with weak connections. But I will now work at being doing better.

I have always been optimist person. I feel if you concentrate on the emotions that it takes away from the goals in mind. I guess it’s the man in me.

So are you emotional available in your relationships? We all must work hard to improve all our connections. Feedback sucks regardless but its necessary because it tells you what you need to work on :)

I believe for me denote a need clarity. Clarity is essential in all aspects of life. We are seek clarity but do not we provide it.

Work on providing clarity. Without clarity is like walking around without lightness. God can help provide clarity. Sometimes he provides you with feedback so we can work on getting emotional connection you crave. So work on spending some extra time with God to get the clarity needed and then spread the love.

Be the Catalyst for Change :) Happy Thursday :)