Sunday, March 14, 2010

Answering The Call

This is about answering the call.

For those like me, we have struggled for so long we have dreamed the way we would act when breakthrough came.

We imagined the way it would happen and even down to what we would be wearing :) I always dream with myself in amazing outfits and handbags :)

But the breakthrough comes in a way or at a time you didn’t expect. And often it comes at a cost. Sometimes the Lord will bless you in midst of chaos and take you places you are not prepared for. You don’t know how to walk, talk or act. You are at a loss.

He can also bless you with all you need except on crucial factor. You must take a leap of faith without that factor. It is often scary and has the potential amazingly bad. This is when you know that God is truly in the midst. You are now at the end of journey and on the cusp of your breakthrough.

You can feel it. It feels like something is going to happen but you just don’t know. You are excited and scared at the same time.

The fear is normal. Sometimes when you have been down for the so long but are afraid of happiness or even the possibility of it for fear of disappointment .

But all that happens even bad words in the divine will of God. God places us in situations in our lives so we become completely dependent on him.

Then he would bless for our faithfulness. Your faithfulness is continually to shoulder the burden even in times, you begin the doubt the realization of a dream.

So for those who are become weary in the face of such insurmountable circumstances , keep going. God will bless you however you will not the time nor circumstances . It right there. Get ready for it.

So for those who have been working crazy hours, working every day , those unemployed for extended amount of time with no ending in sight, those taking care others who are suffering or those who are plain exhausted, its coming. :)

But take Blessing regardless of its shape. It’s been waiting on you for quite some time.

Be Catalyst for Change :)