Monday, March 29, 2010


There are so many unbelievers or those with lukewarm belief based upon their actions. They ask the question: why believe?

Today is busy day so decided to run in the morning 6 am instead of evening today. I usually don’t like running in the morning because it is a scary downtown and you never know what lurking behind each corner.

But I have belief that I will finish my run in one piece and go out on faith regardless. Life is very similar. Life can be become a very scary and overwhelming place. Particularly when problems can come one after another and another.

It is easy to see how you can allow the life’s problems to wash over you and overwhelm you.
You must believe that there is a higher being beyond yourself and that life will get better.

If don’t believe that life will get better its easier to go into your own devices. Your devices can never compare to what God can do. God is a jealous God and want to you to only trust him.

There are some problems in life that only God can handle. Leave them with him. I believe we become so invested in our problems that cause ourselves increased anxiety.

For me the moment I let go of a problem, it is always solved. Usually in the way I wanted.
But if you keep struggling; you will only tire yourself out.

Jump into the pool of God’s love and submerge yourself in it. He will never disappoint, mislead, and deceive you. He is truly the one person that always has your best interest as heart.

Those who try to hurt you with incur God’s wrath. Pray for your enemies. Let God handle them and trust he will :)

God is the story teller of life; and holds the book. He is only who knows our complete story. So trust the man the who holds the life story in his hand.

Be catalyst for change!