Monday, March 8, 2010

Intelligence and Faith

While doing my nightly run, my mind begins to wander and think back on conversations that have occurred. I also think about the implications.

Earlier, I had an conversation with someone asked me can you be a person of great faith and still be of great intelligence?

I believe you can because they are some places that intelligence has no effect: your health, emotional well being and faith. Your faith is about your belief in higher being than yourself that is in control and provide relief all situations.

If you allow your intelligence to get into the way, you think yourself right out of faith.

God knows more than we could possibly imagine or even comprehend .Regardless of all the education and wisdom, you must believe that there is a higher being beyond you.
Without it, it will be very difficult to make it thru day by day.

So while being intelligent is a great asset; it can never replace faith. Faith is mechanism that keeps us going in this journey called life.

You can live a decent life being only slightly intelligent but you cannot live without Faith.

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