Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Staying Focused and being positive

Today is about staying focused and being positive

Being focused on your goals is not the only part of your life journey; you must be positive as well.

I am a little more positive than most people but it’s not nature . I have work at it. We all do :)

We all make choice whether to see the beauty of the world or the ugliness. Choose the beauty: there is so much of it. A sunrise; a sunset; a rainbow, sunny blue days . . These are God’s reminders of beauty and bits of optimism. :)

There are times when you don’t feel positive but push through.

When you look back over your life and the times when God showed up just in the nick of time; focus on those times.

God showed up before and will continue to do so. Trust and lean on your faith. Do not allow your own frustration to get the best of you. Stay busy and focused.

Plan, Pray, Plan, Pray. If you are always implementing what God ‘s has spoken to you; you will always stay positive and know that the breakthrough is coming :)

Spending time listening to God will allow you to be aligned with his Will.

Visualize and Believe it. All that I have accomplished because I worked visualize it. Positive things create positive results.

If you want be a homeowner, start looking for your dream home. If you want to start a business, research and get your business plan.

If you want to get married; start changing your life so your life can open for that huge collaboration. Make room in your life for your blessing you have been praying for :)

Open yourself to the possibility of happiness. It can and will happen. But only if you believe :)
Allow God to be your pilot of your life. He will always guide you to what is best for you.

Be Catalyst for Change : )