Monday, March 1, 2010

When you are frustrated

This weekend has been trying due to lots of technology problems: laptop crashed, ipod and cell phone died. This is for those who find themselves getting frustrated and sinking into despair.

God is in control of all situations. Things that you thought were unfair ten years could have been deliberately placed there to keep you from being hurt today.
God anticipates things we couldn’t even imagine. God does a lot of things behind the scenes.

Sometimes when you think God is not answering, he asking by putting things in order. You just don’t know it yet :) Trust him. Believe me, I know it’s hard but the reward is worth it.

Ask God for peace, mercy and grace. He will help you to weather the storms of life. God will send you a little booster of blessings that whispers “ Keep going, I will bless you, its coming “

Remember that even a encouraging word is a booster blessing :) It is always darkest before dawn; it is same for breakthroughs: it is always the darkest before your breakthrough.
Keep the faith and be a catalyst for Change :)