Friday, March 5, 2010

Purpose of Ambition

There have been a lot of questions sent to me about my driven and ambitious spirit.

My driven and ambitious spirit is related somewhat to me wanting to be successful. However most of my drive and ambitious is my caring spirit. I want to help life be better for everyone.
Ambition is the force inside that looks beyond the circumstances around you. The force that believes that you can change the circumstances around you to better society as whole.

That is why it was such a difficult time for me after the campaign because I felt that I had let my supporters and staff down. I realize now that you help people and your community in various ways; not just politically.

Sometimes providing individuals with spiritual nourishment, positive thinking, comedy relief, or even taking the time to listen and prayer for someone is just as important.

Changing a community and the nation is not just about the economic downturn. It’s about a change of perspective and thinking. It will take innovation but yet practical thinking to get us back on track.We are all definitely getting a sense of perspective and clear understanding of what is really important in life :)

I want to make sure every person lives the best life possible. I want people to live up to their potential. I feel myself transcending beyond the day to day improvements but me wanting to ensure that all people are healthy spiritually and emotional.

Spiritual health is single most important thing to me. If you are not spiritually healthy, it can leads to chaos. Spiritual health is largely determined by your communication with God.
Learn how to talk to God. Talk to God like a homie. Talk to him you are mad, talk to him when you are happy, talk to him when you are frustrated. Talk to Him.

That is the purpose of prayer. Prayer is your direct communication with God . Learn how to use and rely it.

It’s easy to get frustrated during a storm. What magnifies the strength of a storm is when you stop talking God. It might take him some time to answer but he is always right on time. But talk with Him and he will give you peace even when don’t understand the purpose.

Always remember no matter what life hands you; it can change in an instant. If you stay positive and lean on God, the possibilities are endless.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)