Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fresh Start

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes :) Since my grandmother passing, I am working harder at having a balance.

So I got some extra sleep yesterday. It was great :) But I always spend my birthday dinner with my dad and step mother. She always cooks whatever I want for my birthday :) I am such a spoiled brat and Daddy’s Girl :)

I had low key birthday because this weekend is launch of one of my newest ventures:

Ambition Talk Radio is 24 hour live, online talk radio station that discusses entertainment, sports, business, politics and more. But this is not your typical talk radio station; this is for people interested in pop culture. Ambition Talk Radio is CNN, Comedy Central meets TMZ.

I realized there is a lack of talk radio out there that focuses on pop culture in general. Some place where you listen and discuss relationships, sports, reality shows, politics in one place?

Do you love my antics when watching sports, or my commentary about Hoarders or Jersey Shore? Or my inspiration tweets? Listen live to me and my friends on Ambition Talk Radio live on April 1st.

While we might discuss community and political issues we will also pressing topics such as Is Facebook , Twitter or Myspace ruining relationships? Is it really over between Reggie Bush and Kim K? Who do you think will win the NBA finals or Final Four? Its all about balance people. :)

So if you are someone in cubicle land that needs something to help you get thru the daily grind on your computer or phone, we will be there for you : )
You can listen to some promo clips at www.

In celebration of our Launch we having two events on Friday night March 26. If you are a
member of the press, please attend the Meet and Greet at Steel Restaurant from 8 pm- 10 pm. Please email Sam Turner at for more details.

Now if you want to meet me and the hosts, please come MF Room from 10 pm- until. MF Room is hottest new lounge in Buckhead in Atlanta. Check out at
This event is Free to public and you can get some free drinks ;) And celebrate my birthday with me :)
Now MF Room is so sick. Check it out. This puts me in the mind of Noir and its crowd in its heyday.

Can’t wait to meet you all :) Remember: The Only Limits in Life is what you allow. You can exceed your own aspirations by believing in yourself.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)