Friday, March 5, 2010


Happy Friday :) Make each day a fresh start :) Today is about Motivation.

Motivation is the most difficult to maintain but the most important. Motivation is the key to success in every aspect of life.

During this economic downturn, it is easy to become discouraged and unmotivated.Lack of motivation is not God respond to a possible goal but rather manifestation of fear.

Sometimes it is easier to do nothing than to take a leap of faith. Push through the fear and get on track.

God can provide all we need to become successful. So pray for motivation.While it seems to be slightly mundane to prayer for something such as this; I believe it is critical to reach your potential.

Rely on God to help to you focus on what is importance and for you continue reaching for your goals.

Sometime Prayer doesn’t the change the situation; but does change how we respond. A problem or setback is sometimes designed by God and makes you stronger.

God has your best interest at heart; The only way your dream will come thru if YOU make it happen. Step past the fear; its amazing to see what might be waiting on the other side.

Be Catalyst for Change :)