Sunday, March 21, 2010

Waiting on God

Today is about Waiting on God. I am very impatient. I do alot things myself because I can’t stand waiting on people.

But Waiting on God is a different experience. That is one person that you cannot hurry along :)

Waiting on God is similar to trying to sleep on Christmas Eve as child.I can remember how excited I was as a child for Christmas Day. I couldn’t wait to tear into my gifts.It seemed that night went on and on. I tossed and turned in bed and swore I hear Santa on my roof.

While waiting on God can be tiresome experience. We often have sleepless nights trying figure out situations and waiting on God to show up.

So while waiting you get angry and frustrated. You feel like your breakthrough will never come.

Evil uses negative thoughts to throw you off track. He can also good people and have them do evil things.Forgive. We all have fallen short at time. We are human. Bounce back. Get back on track and stay positive. Positive Thinking create positive results. It’s important to stay positive in the darkest times.

God will show up. But sometimes He does build a bit of suspense. Sometimes things have to get a little rough to get your full attention and for you to be fully dependent on Him.
Think about it: If it didn’t get so bad to make you dependent on him, you clearly would try to solve the problem yourself. :) God wants the Glory in all situations. :)

God has special plan for us all. While all your experiences now may not be positive, they will make a stronger and grounded person.

While your plan might not be realized yet, continue to fight the good fight. Your time will come.

Remember God loves in spite of all mistakes in life. Whenever you feel that no one truly loves you: God loves more than you cant ever know.

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