Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today is about establishing a covenant with God.

When you people hear the term “covenant” people quietly think religious fanatic. But that is really not it all. A covenant with God is just a promise.

A promise that you will be do something that illustrates your faith in God. Its faith in action. It one thing to believe, but quite another to stand on it. :)

Have you ever done something or had something happen and say Lord if you get me out of this situation or if you do this, then I will . . . . . .

In today’s society you don’t hear a lot about covenants. Probably in just regular society it is hard for people to keep their word.

Today, make a covenant with God. Establishing accountability helps to keep you on the path of faith.

I remember when I having a hard time closing on my home, I made a covenant with God that if I closed on my home, then I will always attend Wednesday services and not tell anyone until after I closed . I made that covenant on an Sunday and on that next day, Monday, I got word that closing would be the following Friday.It killed me not to tell anyone, not even my parents but cemented the special bond I have with God. I have been attending Wednesday services regularly for almost 3 years :)

God became actual person and my savior. Not my parents. Up until that point I have been coasting on the faith of my parents.

I now have lots of covenants now with God. I cannot discuss them until the blessings have come to pass.

So during the Easter week, take your relationship with God a step further, make an covenant with God.

You will be amazed what God will can do when show him how you are willing to stand of faith.
Sometimes God is waiting for you to take one big step toward him.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Show discipline in the Doctrine of Faith and see your life expand .

Be Catalyst for Change : )