Monday, April 26, 2010

Black Women being so Single later in life

Today instead of my inspiration tweet, I will speak on this whole issue why so many Black Women are Single.

There are other races with similar issues as well such Korean men but it is not as publicized.

This is rare so here is my take. Finding a man is similar to getting the getting the exclusive Birkin Bag regardless of race.

The "Birkin" bag is a hand-built purse from Hermès that start at $6,500. They are distributed to Hermès boutiques on unpredictable schedules and limited quantities.

A Whole Sex in the City Episode was dedicated to it. I will always covet an Birkin Bag that way I covet someday getting married.

Most woman most would love a Birkin Bag. They would go about getting one in 2 different ways:

  • Some woman will get an imitation Birkin Bag and rock it like its real thing. It doesn’t have special amenities that Birkin Bag. It also doesn’t last as long. And you know you frontin and pretending that its real :)
  • Then there are the some women will save their money for years until they afford one. Then they will treat themselves to one.

The way you go about obtaining a Birkin Bag is the way you date.

Now I have tried a couple of “imitations” but they only made me want “real” one more. The Imitation have been so good that I didn’t even really if it wasn’t real or not. But they never lasted which is illustrated they were not “real”

I am willing to wait for a “Real” Birkin Bag and treat myself.

Now I have no judgment on whether you want entertainment instead of true love (imitation bag vs real bag). But I do have one request: Just pick something :)

I believe at times that women are so picky that we make no choice at all and waste a lot of time. Enjoy life; don’t limit the possibilities in your life right now. Have fun during the process.

#NEWSFLASH# Every man is not marriage material and shouldn’t not be treated as such.

When a man is ready to settle down; he should be convincing you. Not the other way around.
When He is ready; he will contact you. We don’t give men enough credit. When you they want something they know how go after it. Make him get aligned with God and chase YOU.

We as women make situations complicated when its not. Either they are being serious or entertainment themselves. Pure and Simple.

It took me a long time personally to get this. Now instead of showing my interest and coming at dudes hard, I now wait to see what they are going to do. Life has been SO much better once I changed my perspective.

I am not that romantic but I am passionate about what about I care about. Guys must now show me their passionate side. Its showtime :)

If a man really wants me; he must be willing to show me AND BE WILLING TO COURT ME. I am done proving myself. My reputation speaks for itself. Either you want me or you don’t.

Instead acting like a man; I am now the true lady that God and Spelman wanted me to be. An lady allows a man to lead the relationship. This cuts out the posers , imitators of love and serial dates.

If doesn’t want to put in the work to keep and maintain you. It is on the next one :)

Men are buses; another one will come. Now the bus might break down or be hours off schedule; but it will come. Just be patient.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)