Monday, April 12, 2010

Today is about letting go.

Since I have been running so much for training, I have been listening to a lot of Drake. I can completely relate his perspective.

I have tried to turn over a new leaf and do more partnerships with other entrepreneurs only to realize why I didn’t do it in the past.

I am maverick; an innovative thinker. I move fast and it is hard for some keep up with my pace. I am not for the weak at heart. I am also relentless and I can tell from the first business meeting if it going to work.

I can usually spot laziness, instability and overall unprofessionalism a mile away. Then I believe I am being too hard on people and continue to move forward.

And I am disappointed each time. Some people are not ready for major leagues for a variety of reasons.

I can honestly I have met more unprofessional people last week then I have met in the last two years. I can deal with a lot things but one thing you cannot mess with is (1) my money and (2) my time.

While I try to be inspiration and motivational; I have to keep 100%.

There are some places that God is taking you that is not meant for everyone. God blesses within measure and whether you can handle it .

People say they want to be blessed but don’t want to work that it takes to get there. Ambition and Success is not for the weak at heart.

Business is really just a game. Everyone has a position to play; pay attention when people cannot play their position. If you don’t in the end it will cost you.

Personal feelings, whether good or bad, are out the window. Sooner or later , you will see the situation and people for what they really are: People who are not ready.

Egos should be checked at the door. The best business person is person that most humble.
The person who will talk to anyone at any level. The person who is focused on the tasks at hand instead looking important.

Most people want success handed to them and to mentored. #NEWSFLASH Mentorship is dead; you better get out here and fight for what you want in life.

God will show you who is ready to the ride and who is not. Allow the situation to play itself out without emotion.

Its difficult to let go of people in your life that is hindering your journey but sometimes it must be done.

You have choose to whether to go toward the happiness you have prayed for or continue to struggle to make it happen with knuckle so you wont be seen as disloyal. Usually the most loyal person in the group is the person who eventually gets left out in the cold.

Be careful about being a team player; play your position but don’t ever allow your position to affect your overall happiness.

In the business you have to take chances and move on instinct. You cannot make major moves in a group.

When God is preparing you for an blessing; he shakes everything in your life. Some of the shaking is doesn’t feel good but it is essential to your blessing.

So today: Stop and pay attention. Get aligned with God so He can speak to you to you the path you should follow.

Place your faith in God and everything else will fall into place.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)