Sunday, April 11, 2010

Be passed over for a blessing :)

Today is about being passed over for a blessing.

While in graduate school, I have interviewed for a huge internship that I was sure would take me to the next level.

I was sure that I had it and then I received news that they had decided to go a different direction. i.e. We don’t want to hire you.

I was crushed and devastated. This was different from experience that I had while in law school.
I know, I know I have been in school forever. . . . :)

I had prayed for this position and God has spoken that I would be fine. So I assumed that God meant that the job was mine :) It is hard to put a positive spin on things when prayed so hard for something that doesn’t come to past.

So I watch in horror despite the fact of being the top female in my class; I became the only one without an internship.

I began to become bitter and frustrated. People told I was being impatient. How could tell them I was frustrated with God since I felt like he told me he would give me that internship?

So I gave up and then an opportunity presented itself. It bigger than I could have dreamed for myself and eventually became first job out of school.

I was paid triple what I would have been paid at the internship that I had prayed for and spent the last year of grad school with the knowledge that I had job waiting after graduation.

The blessed internship: did massive layoffs and didn’t hire any students after graduation. Without God’s will, I would have been in a dead end situation.

There are times in life when it feels like God did not fulfill your requests for a blessing. Hold on.

God told me that I would be fine and I assumed it be what I wanted. Not always.

God told me that I would be fine because he knew had something coming my way. I didn’t know about this opportunity and assumed incorrectly. :)

Stay in race even when don’t understand it. God has big plans for you. Always remember God will never leave you.

Sometimes there is a lapse of time between an disappointment and blessing. Trust in God. Reflect on all the times he showed up before in order to get thru the waiting ahead.

So the bigger the disappointment ; the bigger the payday in the end. Allow God to work his magic even when don’t understand the process.

Trust him. He is like a parent. He knows what is around the corner and wants to protect you.

So on this Sunny Sunday: Pray for his mercy for you to be able weather the storm so you would be able to receive the blessing He worked so hard to bestow.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)