Friday, April 9, 2010

Are you willing fight for your success?

Today is about are you willing to fight for your success?

A successful person is someone who embodies the following;

The person who is willing to come in early and stay late. While all the others are hanging out and kicking it in the clubs; you are grinding in the office.

The person is who is willing sacrifice huge amount of personal time and life for their craft.

A person with a huge amount of discipline and inner resolve. Resolve that they are more than the circumstances and that they will win.

A person that takes failure as feedback and refuses to back down.

The person who keeps the center aligned : mind, body and spirit . If these spheres are not aligned; you will never be able to achieve success.

The person who allows their innovation to shape the world instead of the world shaping their innovation.

The person who knows that has the ability to completely focus on their goals while keeping the integrity during the process.

A person who is not afraid of being transparent with their life regardless of public perception.

This will make the general public invest in you and your success The person who has one sole focus : expanding their brand. What is their brand: themselves. Always respect the most importance brand in your life: yourself. :)

My goal is to motivate and inspire others. I want to change the general public sees contemporary Christians.

I want to represent the people who is out here grinding with our minds. There are some of us out here.

I send out some much positive energy out to my Tweeps because I want everyone to live up to our potential.

So on this Friday, instead of taking the weekend off. Make this weekend on to grind. Create your own destiny; no one is coming to save you. The only way to make your dreams a reality is to invest yourself.

Remember: The most intelligence don’t win the race; it is the most driven.

There is no shortcuts for hard work. So get Focused and Be the Catalyst for Change :)