Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today is about Confirmation .

On importance items , confirmation is necessary. I always make sure I have confirmation meetings, hair appointments even dates.

Webster’s Dictionary defines confirmation is something that supports, validates, or verifies something else. Confirmation is particularly important in the Christian world.

God will send a dream, a word that is so radical that you afraid to share it with others. It is so amazing that you wonder if God spoke to you or did you dream it?

That is when attending Church is key. And sometimes it is minister who can give the confirmation and sometimes others in the church.

God will provide you with the confirmation you need in a way that you would understand. I can
remember when I was making the decision to become an entrepreneur, I needed confirmation.

I was sick of working for other people and not having control over my life. God had spoke to me but I was afraid to jump out on faith.

So I remember that God spoke to me in two ways: the pastor gave a Word to spoke directly to me. Then when I was leaving the church in the parking lot, I dropped my bible and was picking it up, a older woman was standing in front of me. Then she said to me “ I know you are afraid but trust him. No matter God will always protect you”. She gave me a hug which is common at church. I looked with so much wonder; I couldn’t believe it.

So on this Sunny Sunday: Spend a little time with God in prayer and then seek confirmation. He will provide the confirmation needed in the most amazing ways. Hey this could be the confirmation for some of you 

Never stop believing  What God has for you is for you. Be the Catalyst for Change :)