Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting the Basics

Today is about getting the basics.

During this training for the Peachtree Road Race; it has become clear getting the basics is necessary. All vanity is out the window.

At first it was a little difficult when you are cutesy girl like myself. I don’t the wind messing up my hair; being sweaty outside. Etc.

Now three months into training, vanity is gone. I will usually run in my lucky Spelman Hat and I have gotten used to running all conditions even in snow.

Training for Peachtree Road race has been humbling because allow me to adjust my behavior and also the vain parts of myself I didn’t know existed.

God gives feedback in various ways. He will take you through situations so you can learn about yourself and adjust your behavior.

Don’t get upset. Accept the feedback and use it as opportunity to grow. Sometimes life has away veering us off track to the point but we must start over and get the basics.

Remember: Getting the basics can be a simple as starting the day with prayer so we allow God to guide your steps.

You may not be what you want to be; you are better than what you were yesterday.

Keep going on the race of life :) Be the Catalyst for Change :)