Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today is about having direction.

Even though I am girly girl; I have some masculine tendencies. My dad raised me like the son he never had. LOL :)

So I absolutely hate asking for directions. I have been hours late for events because I was too stubborn to ask for directions.

I always believe I am close to my destination and that I can figure it out. I also feel that actually asking for direction is giving up in a way.

I believe there are many Believers are stubborn with our relationship with God.

We believe that we are intelligent enough to figure out life all by ourselves and giving our situations to God is giving up in a way.

Faith has nothing to do with intelligence. If you allow your intelligence to get in way; you will never have the close relationship with God that we all crave.

God wants all the glory and wants you be a testimony to others. If He allows you to believe that you did it ; you would take all the credit for yourself and your abilities.

Faith is something that cannot be conceptualized with just intelligence alone. Faith works in mysterious ways that cannot always be quantifiable by reason which is the main component of intelligence.

Faith does require two items: belief and letting of your control. You must belief that God can do all things and you must step out of the way so God can do it.

This must be done in order to receive the blessings that God has for your life and to step into your destiny.

Allow your faith to be your GPS for God. Allow it guide your path. It will never fail you. *like Mapquest LOL!*

Be the Catalyst for change :)