Thursday, April 8, 2010

Waiting for a Sign from God

Today is about waiting for a sign from God.

Since the beginning of my Christian walk, I have been always a believer in signs.

Lord if think I should do this please knock three times ie send me a sign. . . . ..

I am sure God was laughing at the silliness of items of requesting signs about.

As your grow in your faith, God will lessen the instant blessings. Instant Blessings are when you pray or think about praying for something it happens. Instant Blessings are common place with new Christians.

However, once you grow in your faith, time period between your prayers and blessings increase to the dismay of others.

You have become a master with prayer when you can continue to believe despite evidence of the contrary.

Don’t stop believing that God will bless you just because you haven’t gotten answer or sign.

For those like that are waiting on signs: Stop waiting.

Your Faith is only sign that you need. Keep going on the race of life. God sometimes wants to see your endurance and your faith will illustrate this.

But when faith is a little low; go to God in prayer and he will speak to you. You have to be open to hear his words.

Sometime no answer from God is not “no” but rather “not yet.” Be willing to wait on the Lord.

Prayer is the nourishment that quenches our spiritual thirst. Try it and your life will be forever changes.

Be Catalyst for change :)