Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blessing the in midst of disappointment

Today is blessing the in midst of disappointment.

When I was in college, I first started off at Howard University and then transferred to Spelman College due to homesickness. I am an Atlanta girl to my heart :)

Now I have already dreamed of being AKA despite the fact my father ‘s insistence of being a Delta. But I knew when I transferred that competition was stiff.

I was naturally disappointed when I didn’t make line at Spelman.

People always ask me now if I would pledge in Graduate Chapter. My answer is no. Not because of hate or being salty. I think it would change me as a person.

Being a Spelman woman, I am already part of rich legacy that has sustained all these years.
During certain times in life, you will experience disappointment. Some times there are things that we want are not aligned with God’s will.

I believe that I am better person without making line. If I would gotten what I wanted; I would not have strong enough to deal with some other storms in my life.

Not to mention that I would have been complete out of control and drunk with power. I would have been type that would have worn some pink and green every day :)

I had a lot of maturing to do and I did not have right attitude that would have been essential. God kept me for making dumb mistakes by taking my ego down a notch. And I needed it :)

Despite not making line, I made lifelong friends through the process. As transfer student, I made a majority of my friends (7 of them) during that process

While none of us made line, we have experience that binds us together for a lifetime :)

There are few times in your life that you get an opportunity to become put on a asymmetrical wig and become Salt n Pepa for a hour. LOL!! We have lifelong memories that we still giggle about :)

Sometimes there is a blessing during a disappointment. I believed that my blessing would be making line but my blessing was friendships that were created.

God knows what is best for you. Sometimes God will take away opportunities that you cannot handle that may not be in your best interests.

While it might be disappointing, after time passes you will realize how much those disappointments shapes you into the person you are today.

Thank the Lord that we are all more than what we used to be :)

So on this cloudy Tuesday, stay optimistic even during your disappointment. You never know what blessing is wrapped into it.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)