Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too Busy

Today is about being too busy.

I am very busy person. I schedule everything even personal time. I am constantly on the run; going from one meeting to next.

When the meetings are done; it is usually time for sleep. I actually count how long I am sleep to ensure I am getting enough hours. I know, I know; I am anal retentive.

But for Christians, that is sometimes how Evil enters your life.

While I do schedule time for prayer. . you do have to be a little flexible to spend some extra time with God.

When you are so busy with life; you lose the ability to (1) spend time in God’s presence and (2) being able to hear Him.

I call it spiritual white noise. Spiritual white noise is when you feel with so many distractions that you cannot think or pray.

When you feel the pull of God; pay attention. There usually for reason for you to pay attention .
God has our best interests at heart. Be careful assuming you know the outcomes; good and bad.

You never know what is going on behind the scenes.Every frustration, every delay is ordained by God.

Sometimes that frustrating delay like you cant find your keys can save you from a car accident .

Don’t try to understand the purpose of God. Just trust it.

So those like myself that busy every second of the day, spend a little extra time with God; you never know how it can really impact your life.

So on this rainy and cloudy Tuesday, continue to fight on the journey of life but allow a little extra time with God. Your soul needs it. :)

Allow God change your life. He is truly the solution to all life’s problems.

Be the Catalyst for Change ;0