Saturday, April 10, 2010

Being a Believer

Today is about being a believer

Do you remember when you learned how to ride a bicycle? It came in steps.

You first learned to ride your bike with training wheels and then eventually the training wheels came off. Your parent or another older sibling would hold the back of your bicycle and then eventually let go.

Being an believer is similar to that :)

When you first become a believer you slowly stand on God ‘s Word. You are still very impressionable or a little scary.

Then the inevitable happens: your first valley experience or test. This is the equivalent of taking the training wheels off.

You are scared and terrified but ready to move forward very similar to your bicycle riding experience. You eventually weather the storm of life and emerge a stronger person.

During this testing experience is also when God is like the parent behind you holding the back of the bicycle. Eventually you can ride on your own without any assistance.

You will eventually be able believe in God’s will and in yourself.

There are some people who have a high belief in God and but minimum in themselves. You can do all things with God’s help and will. Past problems are not an indication of future failure.
So on this sunny Saturday, never stop believing in the impossible. Your darkest moment is usually your breakthrough. :)

Those who do impossible have one advantage over the rest of world: they refuse to back down and never stop believing. :)

Achieve amazing things : Believe in yourself . Be the Catalyst for Change :)