Saturday, April 3, 2010

Difference between Constructive Criticism and Hating

Today is about the difference between constructive criticism and hating.

During this economic downturn, we are rarely hear good news.

So when hear good news; we should rejoice. Wrong! Only if the good news is for you.

When the good news is for someone else, we all can come down with old fashioned case of jealousy. Jealousy is fine it motivates you to strive for more. It is not if you resort to hating.

Constructive criticism is providing feedback on unanticipated aspects of the project/ventures or just being a pragmatic thinker.

Pragmatic thinkers like to see all perspectives of a situation. They just want to make sure you are prepared.

I am creative type; not pragmatic at all. However it is imperative in business to have a pragmatic thinker around.

A Good business operation has enthusiastic creative thinker and pragmatic thinker. Both are equally important.

However someone who is just picking out flaws in a project, a relationship or endeavor without possible recommendations or solutions is hater.

Haters are just jealous and are motivated to bring you down.

Pray for them to take the energy of hating and allow motivate it them to pursue their OWN dreams.

Allow your frustration and jealousy to help you think innovatively as possible.

Celebrate others good news; that means you are next in line for miracle you have been waiting on.

Prayer is the answer to all life’s problems. Be Catalyst for change :)