Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Resist Temptation

Today is about temptations.

Since my grandmother’s death and turning 31, I am beginning to come around to the fact that I need some changes in my personal life so I can get married and start a family.

One thing about me in relationships guys either: (1)really really love me or (2)really really hate me.There is no in between .

So ended up speaking with a guy yesterday that I dated briefly when we were neighbors back in 2006 & 2007. I know, I know, bad idea :(

Of course it was drama filled and I always felt that he really didn’t care for me but was physically attracted to me. We argued all time and it was a mess. And we still dated other people.

So imagine my surprise when he actually admitted that he really did care for me but didn’t want to show it because he was angry that I wouldn’t break my celibacy.

That had my ears ringing. He actually withheld love because I wouldn’t express me love physically. I had made a covenant with God and no man is worth evoking God’s Wrath.
But it did make wonder how many other guys felt the same way but didn’t have nerve to tell me.
Has our society become so jaded and messed up that we all have to test drive everything before purchase?

The conversation made me wonder about my current friend?/relationship drama? I begin to doubt my decision I made so long ago.

As my friends are becoming engaged quickly day by day. . I do start to wonder if I should drop the celibacy to just see what happens.

Temptation always plays on some element of doubt that you have been quietly dealing with. Of course, I have wondered if my relationships have been doomed because of being celibate.

Temptations comes in many forms . Temptations doesn’t come in ways that you can easily resist.

It also comes in the areas where your faith is a little low. I have seen God make miracles in my professional life but not in my personal life. For other people, it is vice versa.

Trust God and believe in his word. God will never request for you go against Him or covenant with Him.

This type of temptation usually happens when you are close to a breakthrough so hold on even when you fed up and frustrated.

Resist the temptation and God will provide more than you can ever imagined. God can restore you and give you back the time you thought you had lost :)

Be The Catalyst for Change :)