Sunday, May 9, 2010

Be an Motivator

Today is about the Motivators

Growing up in church, I had figure out what my role would be in church.

So at the age of 5, I joined to children choir. I was always ambitious then so I was requested to do a solo.

I was given my debut on “This little light of Mine” It became clear everyone including my parents that I could not sing at all. That solo was my last.

My dad quietly pushed me toward ushering. Which at the time seem very dull. Oh how my church friends teased me about being a usher.

It wasn’t until I got older that I understood the power of being an usher.

Ushering at church is one of the most important ministries you can become a member of. This can literally make or break a person’s religious experience.

A smile from a Usher can leave you feeling open to hearing God and aligning yourself with his Will.

A frown from a “mean usher” cause a discord between you and the God. It can even help you leave service early or even never attend that church again.

So while my friends laugh and teased; I am proud of my ushering history and I truly enjoy it.

Regardless of what day I am having; I always put my personal feelings aside to ensure that worshipers are greeted with the Spirit of the Lord.

I would not be the person I am today if my dad hadn’t notice that I couldn’t sing but I was very sociable which could be channeled into being usher.

My dad has been my motivator which has been a good and bad thing. While he always supportive; he will always call me out when I am not going to next level.

He knew all my little tricks and knows when I am BSing him. We talk about everything including relationships.

He will tell me when I am being extra and when I need to be understanding. He is definitely my biggest supporter with celibacy.

When going gets tough with life; he politely informs me that I am not spending enough time studying the Bible. He gives me some scriptures and gets off the phone. LOL :)

There has been many times he has made me sooo mad when he brought things to my attention but ultimately at the end he was always right.

I have never lied to him ( I will avoid him to keep from lying) and always tell him what is really going on. My Dad is my motivator.

There are people in your life right now that are your motivator. It can be anyone. They are constantly supportive but constantly pushing you to next level whether you like or not.

They will call you on your behavior because they have the gift of Prophecy and can tell where you are going.

These are people whom you respect but at times you can almost not like them because they will not allow you settle or stop moving forward.

Embrace this angels. They only want you to live the best possible life. They are enforcer on God’s Will.

Sometimes God has already spoken a word into our spirit but due to lifestyle changes that will be needed; we kinda drag our feet.The motivator put a little fire underneath your butt to get you moving.

God can have you do something mundane at time which can be frustrating. But fear not: this is all part of God’s plan.

Sometime that boring job, task or trying relationship has the potential to something instrumental in your life. But you cannot see it. Only God can. Your motivator can sense it

So on this Sunny Sunday: Thank God for your motivators and become a motivator force for someone else. Help someone move along the path to greatness. Speak God’s power into someone’s else. They need it.

O Lord, Thank you for my motivators. They are general manifestation of your Will. Help me to open in my spirit to hear them and move according to your Will. Allow me to be strong enough to also become an motivator in someone else’s life.

Be the Catalyst for Change :)