Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Don't Panic

Today is a about panic.

It is hard to optimistic when it seems that storms are coming every direction. Sometimes you have to run for the hills and break.

You cannot do anything; I am the queen of strategizing however sometime it is difficult to hear from God when you are panicking.

Panic comes in different forms. Panic can come in the form of no action or too much action.
When the going gets tough or too emotional; I flee. I like to be alone to think my way out of things but last couple of days I have been with at least 8 other people at any given time.

Evil has a way to scrambling your mind and to keep you off balance. That is when you have learn to adapt all situations and make it work.

I feel that panic is an airborne disease and can be spread like wildfire.

You must then pray for the peace of God and always remember: This is always a reasonable solution to every problem :)

Then reflect on all the situations in the past that you were stressed and thought this is a disaster but God came and fixed everything.

Then take a break and spend some time with God. Then wait and give God an opportunity to work his magic .

That is part I have the most trouble with at times. I am sometimes working so hard to resolve things I don’t give God enough time to get into the midst. So I had to learn to slow down.

I have learned that while you might be a powerhouse; you must have a good team in place to lean on when the unanticipated happens.

I have also learned you have got to ask for help for at the end of rope. It doesn’t make you a sucka but means you are human :)

So today on this Rainy Wednesday: Don’t give up. But take a pause and allow God to work. He may not come when you want him but he always right on time.

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