Saturday, March 6, 2010

Toxic Friends and Stress

Today is about toxic friends and stress.

We are all under a great deal of stress. And we deal with differently. Sometimes we go directly into light. . some descend into the darkness.

Those who descend into darkness eventually will gravitate toward light. But the darkness drains the light. So today on this sunny Saturday, be careful who surround yourself with.

When you close to your breakthrough, Evil will send trouble in the form of emotionally draining friends. It’s funny in a relationships, we will cut someone fast if they are emotionally draining. But we will keep friends around that drain our light (positive) energy.

You keep them around because you are treating the way you want to be treated. But they keep you around of something to gain. Or because they feel that they are better than you and makes them feel good to discuss your problems.

You don’t notice their toxic nature because it takes time for people to reveal their motives. Until your life is getting better and they are descending until darkness. Then they reveal their toxic nature.

These toxic friends can dream and relationship killers as well.I believe toxic friends are worst than bad relationships because you more open and transparent with friends than with relationship.

For that they can ruin potential happiness and success.

Have you ever stopped dating someone because you friends didn’t like them? Have you dropped a business venture because your friends thought it was stupid?

I am sure that the people invented the Pet Rock and Snuggle had friends that discouraged them. But they didn’t listen. Who is laughing now?

Take care of yourself. Allow God to speak to you. Sometimes you can friendly but from a distance.

God is taking to the next level. You are going from the minor leagues to the majors. But sometimes everyone cannot go along on the ride.

Trust God; he knows what is best. Be Catalyst for the Change. :)