Sunday, April 4, 2010

Refuse to Settle

Happy Easter :) Today is about refusing to settle.

Jesus died for us to live a better life but yet due to all challenges and tribulations we have experienced, we are starting back down and settle.

Don’t. God wants to have the best life and settling is not an option.

Now he did not say you would not have challenges, that you would be lonely; that you wouldn’t cry or buckle underneath all the pressure.

You will have these things but they only endure for short period.

In our present time, a minute can seem like a eternity but yet in God’s time a year could be like a minute. Wait on the Lord.

In the book of Job, it never really details how long he was in his turmoil.

Sometime turmoil is brought on by God to see how really tough you are.

Job did nothing wrong but his peers swore he must have “separated” himself from God ahem.. “sin”.

No one knows your walk but you so don’t allow others to determine your perception and relationship with God.

Stay in the Race of Life and refuse to settle.

If you want to that job, keep plugging on away. Create a matrix (table) of job descriptions and describe some your practical experience to show how you perfect for the job. Do not settle.

If you want that house and you don’t have the credit. Go online and read every credit forum out there. Check the statute of limitations on all debts (7 years) and dispute everything on the credit. Do not pay someone else to do it. You do it and do not settle.

If you want to be married to that special man or woman; invest in the relationship. That means instead of telling someone that you love them show them. Words means nothing without action. Allow the Love of God to permeate through to them. Work on becoming spiritually in sync. Build a legacy together. Legacy can be more than children; it can be a financial empire for all generations. Do not settle.

If you have been dreaming of starting that business; write that business plan and get a micro loan. Get your credit on track. Get advice from These are retired business executives who understand where you are and can provide encourage. Do not settle.

And most importantly protect your dreams and inspiration. People can jealous of your dreams and will speak a spirit of doubt into your situation. Do not settle.

Believe in yourself and your decisions. Do not worry if you don’t experience in that area or feel uncertain. Or in that relationship you have had trouble in past. Believe in new beginnings and trust him. God will give you favor when you aligned in what he ordained for you.

Evil we try to tell you that you are not experienced or allow you to be frustrated in your situation and give up. Do not settle.

So as well celebrate this Easter Sunday, live up to God’s expectations for all of us and not settle for second best.

Be Catalyst for change :)